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    Universal Mass Texture, CP violation and Quark-Lepton Complementarity

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    The measurements of the neutrino and quark mixing angles satisfy the empirical relations called Quark-Lepton Complementarity. These empirical relations suggest the existence of a correlation between the mixing matrices of leptons and quarks. In this work, we examine the possibility that this correlation between the mixing angles of quarks and leptons originates in the similar hierarchy of quarks and charged lepton masses and the seesaw mechanism type~I, that gives mass to the Majorana neutrinos. We assume that the similar mass hierarchies of charged lepton and quark masses allows us to represent all the mass matrices of Dirac fermions in terms of a universal form with four texture zeroes.Comment: 14 page

    On the spectroscopy of quantum dots in microcavities

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    At the occasion of the OECS conference in Madrid, we give a succinct account of some recent predictions in the spectroscopy of a quantum dot in a microcavity that remain to be observed experimentally, sometimes within the reach of the current state of the art.Comment: OECS11 Conference proceedings, in editor style. 4 pages, 1 figure. Animations provided separatel