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    Ends of groups: a nonstandard perspective

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    We give a nonstandard treatment of the notion of ends of proper geodesic metric spaces. We then apply this nonstandard treatment to Cayley graphs of finitely generated groups and give nonstandard proofs of many of the fundamental results concerning ends of groups. We end with an analogous nonstandard treatment of the ends of relatively Cayley graphs, that is Cayley graphs of cosets of finitely generated groups.Comment: 23 page

    Nonstandard Hulls of Locally Exponential Lie Algebras

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    We show how to construct the nonstandard hull of certain infinite-dimensional Lie algebras in order to generalize a theorem of Pestov on the enlargeability of Banach-Lie algebras. In the process, we consider a nonstandard smoothness condition on functions between locally convex spaces to ensure that the induced function between the nonstandard hulls is smooth. We also discuss some conditions on a function between locally convex spaces which guarantee that its nonstandard extension maps finite points to finite points