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    Visual device to assist computer program debugging

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    Interrupt status indicators allow computer programs to be debugged during checkout and provide a quick-look analysis for updating. Computer coupled indicator lamps and lamp driver circuitry register program malfunctions in priority interrupt controlled programs

    Low Voltage I-V Characteristics in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

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    We show that elastic currents that take into account variations of the tunnel transmitivity with voltage and a large ratio of majority to minority spin densities of states of the ss band, can account for the low voltage current anomalies observed in magnet-oxide-magnet junctions. The anomalies can be positive, negative or have a mixed form, depending of the position of the Fermi level in the ss band, in agreement with observations. Magnon contribution is negligible small to account for the sharp drop of the magnetoresistance with the voltage bias.Comment: 8 pages, 3 postscript figure

    Vus and neutron beta decay

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    We discuss the effect of the recent change of VusV_{\rm us} by three standard deviations on the standard model predictions for neutron beta decay observables. We also discuss the effect the experimental error bars of VusV_{\rm us} have on such predictions. Refined precision tests of the standard model will be made by a combined effort to improve measurements in neutron beta decay and in strangeness-changing decays. By itself the former will yield very precise measurements of VudV_{\rm ud} and make also very precise predictions for VusV_{\rm us}
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