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    Continuous variable entanglement of phase locked light beams

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    We explore in detail the possibility of intracavity generation of continuous-variable (CV) entangled states of light beams under mode phase-locked conditions. We show that such quantum states can be generated in self-phase locked nondegenerate optical parametric oscillator (NOPO) based on a type-II phase-matched down-conversion combined with linear mixer of two orthogonally polarized modes of the subharmonics in a cavity. A quantum theory of this device, recently realized in the experiment, is developed for both sub-threshold and above-threshold operational regimes. We show that the system providing high level phase coherence between two generated modes, unlike to the ordinary NOPO, also exhibits different types of quantum correlations between photon numbers and phases of these modes. We quantify the CV entanglement as two-mode squeezing and show that the maximal degree of the integral two-mode squeezing(that is 50% relative to the level of vacuum fluctuations) is achieved at the pump field intensity close to the generation threshold of self-phase locked NOPO, provided that the constant of linear coupling between the two polarizations is much less than the mode detunings. The peculiarities of CV entanglement for the case of unitary, non-dissipative dynamics of the system under consideration is also cleared up

    Dynamic model of spherical perturbations in the Friedman universe. III. Automodel solutions

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    A class of exact spherically symmetric perturbations of retarding automodel solutions linearized around Friedman background of Einstein equations for an ideal fluid with an arbitrary barotrope value is obtained and investigated.Comment: 12 pages, 4 figures, 8 reference

    The Nature of Thermopower in Bipolar Semiconductors

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    The thermoemf in bipolar semiconductors is calculated. It is shown that it is necessary to take into account the nonequilibrium distribution of electron and hole concentrations (Fermi quasilevels of the electrons and holes). We find that electron and hole electric conductivities of contacts of semiconductor samples with connecting wires make a substantial contribution to thermoemf.Comment: 17 pages, RevTeX 3.0 macro packag

    Quadrature entanglement and photon-number correlations accompanied by phase-locking

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    We investigate quantum properties of phase-locked light beams generated in a nondegenerate optical parametric oscillator (NOPO) with an intracavity waveplate. This investigation continuous our previous analysis presented in Phys.Rev.A 69, 05814 (2004), and involves problems of continuous-variable quadrature entanglement in the spectral domain, photon-number correlations as well as the signatures of phase-locking in the Wigner function. We study the role of phase-localizing processes on the quantum correlation effects. The peculiarities of phase-locked NOPO in the self-pulsing instability operational regime are also cleared up. The results are obtained in both the P-representation as a quantum-mechanical calculation in the framework of stochastic equations of motion, and also by using numerical simulation based on the method of quantum state diffusion.Comment: Subm. to PR
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