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    Theoretical PPVs and NPV values vs fascioliasis prevalence.

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    <p>Curves show the expected PPVs (continuous line) and NPV (dotted line) values in low (below 1%), medium (between 1% and 10%) or high (above 10%) prevalence scenarios (expressed in vertical lines) in Huacullani (A) and Cajamarca (B).</p

    Performance characteristics of MM3-COPRO ELISA by study site.

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    <p>Positive cases (%) of MM3-COPRO ELISA and egg detection techniques of <i>Fasciola hepatica</i> infection.</p><p>N<sup>a</sup> = total number of positive children with <i>Fasciola</i> infection by Kato–Katz.</p><p>N<sup>b</sup> = number of children analyzed.</p><p>AM = arithmetic mean; GM = geometric mean.</p><p>Identification of true positive and true negative cases was carried out by using two criteria:</p><p>i) finding of <i>F. hepatica</i> eggs in feces (*); ii) egg finding plus COPRO ELISA test results (**).</p