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    Implementasi Program Beras Miskin (Raskin) Di Kelurahan Rowosari Kecamatan Tembalang Kota Semarang

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    Beras Miskin (Raskin) Program is a program of food subsidies as a form of government efforts to increase food security and provide protection to poor families through the distribution of rice. Each family will receive a minimum of 10 kg/month with Rp 1,600/kg at the point of distribution. Researchers take focus in Kelurahan Rowosari Kecamatan Tembalang, Kota Semarang. In fact, implementation of Raskin policy is not always consider full-on procedure policy as depending on condition and situation in society. The objective of this study is to analyze the implementation of the Beras Miskin (Raskin) program. This research uses qualitative descriptive method. Data collection was carried out with in-depth interviews from various informants have been determined. In qualitative research, data retrieved from various sources by using a technique of collecting data of which various (triangulation) and continuously until it is saturated. The result of this research is the determining factors of Beras Miskin (Raskin) program implementation in Kelurahan Rowosari Kecamatan Tembalang, Kota Semarang caused by attitude factors (disposition) which is less successful in rice quality, target the household beneficiaries raskin, the number of households that received rice target beneficiaries

    Pengaruh hydrotherapy terhadap peningkatan keseimbangan pada atlet ukm taekwondo Universitas 'Aisyiyah Yogyakarta

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    Latar Belakang : Keseimbangan termasuk komponen penting bagi atlet taekwondo. Keseimbangan adalah kemampuan untuk mempertahankan kondisi keseimbangan tubuh pada berbagai posisi. Dalam melakukan tendangan, atlet taekwondo memerlukan keseimbangan agar dapat menendang dengan cepat dan tepat juga untuk mempertahankan posisi. Salah satu faktor terjadinya cidera adalah adanya masalah pada keseimbangan, karena keseimbangan termasuk komponen penting bagi atlet taekwondo. Adapun latihan yang dapat meningkatkan keseimbangan dengan pemberian hydrotherapy. Tujuan : Untuk mengetahui apakah ada pengaruh pemberian hydrotherapy terhadap peningkatan keseimbangan pada Atlet UKM Taekwondo Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta. Metode : Penelitian ini menggunakan eksperimental semu (quasi experimental) dengan menggunakan rancangan penelitian pre test post test control group design. Dalam rancangan penelitian ini menggunakan dua kelompok yaitu kelompok intervensi dan kelompok kontrol. Kelompok intervensi diberikan latihan hydrotherapy selama 4 minggu dengan frekuensi latihan 3 kali seminggu sedangkan kelompok kontrol tidak menerima intervensi apapun. Sampel dalam penelitian ini berjumlah 20 orang dengan usia 18-24 tahun. Hasil : hasil uji hipotesis menggunakan paired sample t-test pada kelompok I (kelompok intervensi) mendapatkan nilai p = 0,001 yang artinya p < 0,05 dan Ha diterima, sehingga terdapat pengaruh pemberian hydrotherapy terhadap peningkatan keseimbangan. Pada kelompok II (kelompok kontrol) didapatkan nilai p = 0,756 yang artinya p < 0,05 dan Ha ditolak, sehingga tidak ada pengaruh lain yang mengakibatkan peningkatan keseimbangan. Kesimpulan : terdapat pengaruh hydrotherapy terhadap peningkatan keseimbangan pada atlet UKM Taekwondo Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta. Saran : Pada penelitian selanjutnya disarankan untuk melakukan penelitian selanjutnya dengan alat ukur yang berbeda ataupun variabel yang berbeda

    Effect of Tackifier Addition on Cushion Compound Formulation for Tire Retreading Application

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    Tire retreading is a prospective industry. Old tires are repaired and retreaded with suitable tread compounds to fulfill the requirement as the new ones. One of the important components in tire retreading process is cushion compound. Cushion compound consists of unsaturated rubber, in this case natural rubber Hevea Brasiliensis was used, less phr of filler compared to the retread compound, and additives such as peptizer, tackifier, processing oil, antioxidant, activator, accelerator and curatives. Tackifier is an important component in cushion compound since its role to make a bonding between different layer, the initial tire after buffing and new retread layer. Tackifier should has good resistance, good compatibility and does not affect the rheological and dynamical properties of bonded rubber. The general tackifier that used in industries are hexamethyl tetramine as methylene donor and resorcinol as methylene acceptor. There is certain reaction between those two additives that determine how good the performance of cushion compound and its effect to retreading process. To obtain optimum reaction, comparison between resorcinol and hexamethyl tetramine were varied as 1:1 (FRR1), 1:2 (FRR2) and 1:3 (FRR3). Hardness test, compression test, rebound resilience, tensile and tear strength, and FTIR were done to observe the optimum variation for retread application. Compared to the control with no tackifier at all, FRR2 showed the optimum result with 21.75 MPa (min. 19 Mpa) and 454,54% elongation at break (min. 450%). The most interesting result was observation by using FTIR, it was detected that the crosslink density was significantly higher than other formulation. It is a new breakthrough which is minimum tackifier with certain treatment could give better performance