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    Development of Learning Management System Model and Numerical Literacy-based Message Content

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    The objective of this research was how to efficiently create message content that will be given to primary students through LMS (Learning Management System). The research method used was a sequential mixed method by combining qualitative and quantitative research. The qualitative method used Research and Development research with the ADDIE model to see the quality of the products being developed, while the quantitative method was done to see the effectiveness of the product through testing the average similarity and proportions through. Some instruments such validation sheet, questionnaires, and learning achievement test were used to collect the data. 84 second grade elementary students from three different schools were involved in this research whereby they were selected by using convenient sampling. Results of this research revealed that the validity of LMS model was valid for learning tools, and very valid for model books, media presentations, and e-learning. Additionally, the practicality test showed that teacher assessment in one-to-one, small group, and field was very practical for each of assessment. Meanwhile, z test showed that the proportion of students who had learning outcomes above the minimum passing criteria at the posttest was higher than at the pretest in Classes A, B, or C