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    Emerging patterns of leadership: co-location, continuity and community

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    "Local leaders have taken hold of the opportunity created by co-location not just to deal with an immediate problem, but also to transcend that with an even better offer to children and their families." - Page 1

    Insulin Injections Promote the Growth of Aberrant Crypt Foci in the Colon of Rats

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    The main objective of the present study was to test the hypothesis that exogenous insulin would enhance colon carcinogenesis. Thirty-six female F344 rats, fed ad libitum a low fat rodent chow, received a single azoxymethane injection (20 mg/kg), and were randomized a week later to two groups. Control rats were given 5 days a week a s.c. saline injection, and experimental rats were given ultralente bovine insulin, 20 U/kg. The promoting effect of insulin injections was assessed by the multiplicity (number of crypts) of aberrant crypt foci after 100 d of treatment (72 injections). The rats given insulin ate more and were heavier than controls (215 ± 11 vs. 182 ± 7 g, p<0.001). Insulin injections also increased the amount of abdominal fat, the plasma triglycerides, and the insulinemia, and decreased blood glucose (all p<0.05). The number of aberrant crypt foci was the same in both groups, but their multiplicity was significantly increased by the insulin injections (2.8 ± 0.3 vs. 2.5 ± 0.2 crypt/focus in controls, p=0.007). Besides, the proportion of sialomucin producing foci was higher in insulin injected rats than in controls (p=0.04). These data show that exogenous insulin can promote colon carcinogenesis in rats, and suggest that lifestyle and diets leading to low blood insulin might protect humans against colorectal cancer

    Poissonian tunneling through an extended impurity in the quantum Hall effect

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    We consider transport in the Poissonian regime between edge states in the quantum Hall effect. The backscattering potential is assumed to be arbitrary, as it allows for multiple tunneling paths. We show that the Schottky relation between the backscattering current and noise can be established in full generality: the Fano factor corresponds to the electron charge (the quasiparticle charge) in the integer (fractional) quantum Hall effect, as in the case of purely local tunneling. We derive an analytical expression for the backscattering current, which can be written as that of a local tunneling current, albeit with a renormalized tunneling amplitude which depends on the voltage bias. We apply our results to a separable tunneling amplitude which can represent an extended point contact in the integer or in the fractional quantum Hall effect. We show that the differential conductance of an extended quantum point contact is suppressed by the interference between tunneling paths, and it has an anomalous dependence with respect to the bias voltage

    Sperm competition in Cataglyphis desert ants.

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