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    An Interactive Procedure for Multiobjective Analysis of Water Resources Allocation

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    This paper reports on part of IIASA's research concerning regional water management planning, focusing on the Western Skane region in Southern Sweden. The IIASA studies are concerned with four issues of particular importance to water resources management, namely, conflict resolution, criteria of choice, uncertainty, and institutional arrangements. This paper is related primarily to the first two of these issues. An interactive procedure seeking the satisfactory nondominated solution of the multiobjective water resources allocation problem is discussed. It is based on the Powell method with penalty function for the solution of scalar optimization problem and on a constraint and weighting method, or actually a reference objective method, for the solution of the multiobjective optimization problem. Application of the procedure is illustrated by an example referring to the situation in the Kavlinge River system in the Western Skane, Sweden

    Multi-criteria Spatial Analysis for the Localization of Production Structures. Analytic Hierarchy Process and Geographical Information System in the Case of Expanding an Industrial Area

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    Among the numerous economic evaluation techniques currently available, multi-criteria spatial analysis lends itself to solving localization problems of property complexes and, in particular, production plants. The methodology involves the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the mapping overlay technique, which overlaps the different information layers of a territory in order to obtain an overview of the parameters that characterize it. This first phase is used to detect possible settlement surfaces of a new agglomeration, subsequently selected through Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), so as to choose the best alternative. The result ensures the synthesis of a multidimensional profile that expresses both the quantitative and qualitative effects. Each criterion can be given a different weight

    Water Resources Planning and Management in Advanced Economies: The Case Study of Western Skane, Sweden - A Background Report

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    This is a Working Paper intended to give background information on the Western Skane case study of water resource planning and management which is being pursued jointly by IIASA and Lund University. The paper is primarily intended to be read by a non-Swedish public. We have, however, also included some discussion of the most important analytical and policy-oriented problems of the Skane area, which means that some of the information is also of interest to a Swedish public. The presentation in this paper is based on currently available published information on the economic and administrative structure and environmental conditions related to water planning in the region. A preliminary version of the paper was distributed for review to planning agencies at the central and regional level of decision making. Our interpretation of their comments have been included in this final version. We have abstained from including discussions about modeling and other methodological issues at this stage. Such methodological issues will be presented in separate papers. It is also the intention to present a research plan based on this paper and other methodological research currently pursued at IIASA. The research plan is intended to cover a working period of approximately two years at IIASA and to be fitted into a four to five year research plan for the group working with these issues in Sweden

    Iron(III)-catalyzed chlorination of activated arenes

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    A general and regioselective method for the chlorination of activated arenes has been developed. The transformation uses iron(III) triflimide as a powerful Lewis acid for the activation of N-chlorosuccinimide and the subsequent chlorination of a wide range of anisole, aniline, acetanilide and phenol derivatives. The reaction was utilized for the late-stage mono- and di-chlorination of a range of target compounds such as the natural product nitrofungin, the antibacterial agent chloroxylenol and the herbicide chloroxynil. The facile nature of this transformation was demonstrated with the development of one-pot tandem iron-catalyzed dihalogenation processes allowing highly regioselective formation of different carbon-halogen bonds. The synthetic utility of the resulting dihalogenated aryl compounds as building blocks was established with the synthesis of natural products and pharmaceutically relevant targets

    The impact of the Art Therapy Large Group, an educational tool in the training of art therapists, on post-qualification professional practice

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    This article reports the findings of a Likert scale survey that was sent to past graduates of the MA Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths, University of London asking them about the relevance of their experience in the Art Therapy Large Group (ATLG) to their subsequent employment as art therapists or work in another capacity. The ATLG comprises all the students and staff in a psychodynamically based experiential group that meets six times during the year. Survey questions were drawn from previously devised theory and related to learning relevant to the workplace and the development of professional identity. Though there was a low response rate (20%), there were some significant findings, namely that graduates found the ATLG to be helpful in their work, whether this was art therapy or non-art therapy work, and that those who had studied part-time were much more positive about the applicability of their learning in the group to their work than those who had studied full-time. The findings suggest that the ATLG has a particular role in meeting key performance indicators in professional regulation and teaching and in quality assurance and employability policies in higher education. Finally, the potential for the use of the ATLG beyond the university in the public, private and voluntary sectors is suggested

    'They’ve Got Their Wine Bars, We’ve Got Our Pubs’: Housing, diversity and community in two south London neighbourhoods

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    This chapter explores how housing policies and the nature of housing stock have conditioned residential geographies and diversity patterns in two south London neighbourhoods, Bermondsey and Camberwell. The key drivers are policy changes to social housing allocation and the post-industrial reconfiguration of urban space expressed in processes of gentrification and the redevelopment of riverside docklands into expensive housing units. These developments have challenged existing narratives of community, but they have also shifted the focus of analytical enquiry towards emerging us-them divides based on class and generation. Within the context of diversity and social cohesion, both neighbourhoods are characterized by a comparatively unproblematic day-to-day muddling along with difference, but also a generally declining level of civic engagement and neighbourhood cohesion, expressed by a sense of ‘living together apart

    Effect of Parameters on Oxychlorination of Tert-Butyl Ethers

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    The effect of concentration, molar ratios of reagents, pH, and temperature on formation of chloro-organic products in reaction of tert-butyl ethers with chloride ions and hydrogen peroxide has been determined. A significant effect of Cl− ions and H2O2 molar ratios on the rate of chloro-organic product formation has been observed. Studies on oxychlorination of tert-butylethyl ether (ETBE) at pH 7, 3.5, and 2.5 have been carried out. It was found that introduction of hydronium ions into the reaction system considerably hastened the process of chloro-organic product formation. Hydronium ions contribute to the formation of the reactive tert-butyl carbocation, which undergoes secondary reactions in the presence of reactive forms of chlorine and oxygen. Moreover, the effect of temperature on ETBE (tert-butylethyl ether) and MTBE (tert-butylmethyl ether) conversions was verified. The reactions of MTBE and ETBE oxychlorination were carried out at temperatures of 5°C, 20°C, and 35°C

    SUrgical versus PERcutaneous Bypass: SUPERB-trial; Heparin-bonded endoluminal versus surgical femoro-popliteal bypass: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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    Contains fulltext : 96315.pdf (publisher's version ) (Open Access)BACKGROUND: Endovascular treatment options for the superficial femoral artery are evolving rapidly. For long lesions, the venous femoropopliteal bypass considered to be superior above the prosthetic bypass. An endoluminal bypass, however, may provide equal patency rates compared to the prosthetic above knee bypass. The introduction of heparin-bonded endografts may further improve patency rates. The SUrgical versus PERcutaneous Bypass (SuperB) study is designed to assess whether a heparin-bonded endoluminal bypass provides equal patency rates compared to the venous bypass and to prove that it is associated with improved quality of life, related to a decreased complication rate, or not. METHODS/DESIGN: Two-hundred-twenty-two patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease, category 3-6 according to Rutherford, will be randomized in two treatment arms; 1. the surgical femoro-popliteal bypass, venous whenever possible, and 2. the heparin-bonded endoluminal bypass. The power analysis was based on a non-inferiority principle, with an effect size of 90% and 10% margins (alpha 5%, power 80%). Patients will be recruited from 5 teaching hospitals in the Netherlands during a 2-year period. The primary endpoint is primary patency and quality of life evaluated by the RAND-36 questionnaire and the Walking Impairment Questionnaire. Secondary endpoints include secondary patency, freedom-from-TLR and complications. DISCUSSION: The SuperB trial is a multicentre randomized controlled trial designed to show non-inferiority in patency rates of the heparin-bonded endograft compared to the surgical bypass for treatment of long SFA lesions, and to prove a better quality of life using the heparin bonded-endograft compared to surgically treatment, related to a reduction in complications. TRIAL REGISTRATION: Clinicaltrials: NCT01220245

    Particle-yield modification in jet-like azimuthal di-hadron correlations in Pb-Pb collisions at sNN\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}} = 2.76 TeV

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    The yield of charged particles associated with high-pTp_{\rm T} trigger particles (8<pT<158 < p_{\rm T} < 15 GeV/cc) is measured with the ALICE detector in Pb-Pb collisions at sNN\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}} = 2.76 TeV relative to proton-proton collisions at the same energy. The conditional per-trigger yields are extracted from the narrow jet-like correlation peaks in azimuthal di-hadron correlations. In the 5% most central collisions, we observe that the yield of associated charged particles with transverse momenta pT>3p_{\rm T}> 3 GeV/cc on the away-side drops to about 60% of that observed in pp collisions, while on the near-side a moderate enhancement of 20-30% is found.Comment: 15 pages, 2 captioned figures, 1 table, authors from page 10, published version, figures at http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/ArtSubmission/node/350
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