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    Nasal manifestations in granulomatosis with polyangiitis: a case report and review of the literature

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    Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) is an anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitides of medium and small arteries, characterized by necrotizing granulomatous inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract with coexist- ing glomerulonephritis. We report a case of GPA in a patient presenting with a six-month history of spontaneous epistaxis, nasal obstruction and frontal headache. Nasal endoscopy showed a large nasal septum perforation and an anterior translucid mass in the right nasal fossa. Findings were confirmed by computed tomography (CT) scan with contrast. The patient underwent func- tional transnasal endoscopic removal of the mass; histological examination showed tissue features suggestive of GPA; dosage of c-ANCA e p-ANCA antibodies confirmed GPA diagnosis. Nasal septum perforation has long been recognized as a feature of GPA, in which granulomatous destruction of nasal cartilage can result in perforation and saddle-nose deformity. Prompt diagno- sis of GPA is important to initiate therapy which may be life-saving and organ sparing

    Assessment of an Adaptive Efficient Thermal/Electric Skipping Control Strategy for the Management of a Parallel Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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    In the current scenario, where environmental concern determines the evolution of passenger cars, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) represent a hub in the automotive sector to reach net-zero CO2 emissions. To fully exploit the energy conversion potential of advanced powertrains, proper energy management strategies are mandatory. In this work, a simulation study is presented, aiming at developing a new control strategy for a P3 parallel plug-in HEV (PHEV). The simulation model is built on MATLAB/Simulink. The proposed strategy is based on an alternative utilization of the thermal engine and electric motor to provide the vehicle power demand (efficient thermal/electric skipping strategy (ETESS)). An adaptive function is then introduced to develop a charge-blended control strategy. Fuel consumption along different driving cycles is evaluated by applying the novel adaptive-ETESS (A-ETESS). To have a proper comparison, the same adaptive function is built on the equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS). Processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulations are performed to benchmark the A-ETESS. Simulation results highlighted that the proposed strategy provides for a fuel economy similar to ECMS (worse of about 2.5% on average) and a computational effort reduced by 99% on average, opening the possibility of real-time on-vehicle applications

    Prenatal exposure to tobacco and alcohol are associated with chronic daily headaches at childhood: a population-based study

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    The influence of prenatal events on the development of headaches at childhood has not been investigated and is the scope of our study. Of 2,173 children identified as the target sample, consents and analyzable data were provided by 1,440 (77%). Parents responded to a standardized questionnaire with a validated headache module and specific questions about prenatal exposures. Odds of chronic daily headache (CDH) were significantly higher when maternal tabagism was reported. When active and passive smoking were reported, odds ratio (OR) of CDH were 2.29 [95% confidence intervals (CI)=1.6 vs. 3.6)]; for active tabagism, OR=4.2 (95% CI=2.1-8.5). Alcohol use more than doubled the chance of CDH (24% vs. 11%, OR=2.3, 95% CI=1.2-4.7). In multivariate analyses, adjustments did not substantially change the smoking/CDH association. Prenatal exposure to tobacco and alcohol are associated with increased rates of CDH onset in preadolescent children

    Recovery from repeated sudden hearing loss in a patient with Takayasu’s arteritis treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy: the first report in the literature

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    Hearing loss has been rarely reported in Takayasu's arteritis, presents as sudden sensorineural hearing loss and usually responds well to corticosteroid therapy. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is commonly used as a supplementary treatment to corticosteroids for sudden hearing loss. We present the case of a woman with Takayasu's arteritis who had two episodes of hearing loss involving one ear at a time with a 11-month delay between each episode. During the first episode, the patient was treated with high-dose intramuscular corticosteroids with a temporary improvement of auditory threshold, that deteriorated close to previous level 14 days after cessation of therapy. In the second episode, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was associated to corticosteroids, with a significant, longer term improvement in both ears, including the one that had shown to be unresponsive to previous pharmacologic therapy. Oxygen therapy could have played a role in hearing restoration in this patient, as it could have acted synergically with corticosteroids amplifying their effect

    Identifying conformational changes with site-directed spin labeling reveals that the GTPase domain of HydF is a molecular switch

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    [FeFe]-hydrogenases catalyse the reduction of protons to hydrogen at a complex 2Fe[4Fe4S] center called H-cluster. The assembly of this active site is a multistep process involving three proteins, HydE, HydF and HydG. According to the current models, HydF has the key double role of scaffold, upon which the final H-cluster precursor is assembled, and carrier to transfer it to the target hydrogenase. The X-ray structure of HydF indicates that the protein is a homodimer with both monomers carrying two functional domains: a C-terminal FeS cluster-binding domain, where the precursor is assembled, and a N-terminal GTPase domain, whose exact contribution to cluster biogenesis and hydrogenase activation is still elusive. We previously obtained several hints suggesting that the binding of GTP to HydF could be involved in the interactions of this scaffold protein with the other maturases and with the hydrogenase itself. In this work, by means of site directed spin labeling coupled to EPR/PELDOR spectroscopy, we explored the conformational changes induced in a recombinant HydF protein by GTP binding, and provide the first clue that the HydF GTPase domain could be involved in the H-cluster assembly working as a molecular switch similarly to other known small GTPases

    Surface-acoustic-wave driven planar light-emitting device

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    Electroluminescence emission controlled by means of surface acoustic waves (SAWs) in planar light-emitting diodes (pLEDs) is demonstrated. Interdigital transducers for SAW generation were integrated onto pLEDs fabricated following the scheme which we have recently developed. Current-voltage, light-voltage and photoluminescence characteristics are presented at cryogenic temperatures. We argue that this scheme represents a valuable building block for advanced optoelectronic architectures

    Subtyping patients with somatic tinnitus: modulation of tinnitus and history for somatic dysfunction help identify tinnitus patients with temporomandibular joint disorders

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    Objective: Determine in a cohort of patients with normal hearing and chronic tinnitus if self-reported history for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction and a positive modulation of tinnitus in the TMJ region could be suggestive of an underlying TMJ disorder. Patients and Methods: The study included 226 patients presenting to the Head and Neck Service of our University Hospital. Following audiological and somatic tinnitus evaluation, patients were divided into two groups. The study group (n= 134) included subjects that met both the following criteria: A) a self-reported history for TMJ dysfunction and B) a positive modulation of tinnitus following somatic maneuvers in the TMJ region. The control group (n=92) included patients with similar demographic and tinnitus characteristics that did not meet the proposed criteria for somatic tinnitus. Afterwards, patients underwent clinical TMJ evaluation in the Service of Clinical Gnathology of our University. Results: One hundred thirty-one patients (57.9%) received a clinical diagnosis of TMJ disorder according to DC/TMD Axis I; 79.1% in the study group and 27.2% in the control group. Ninety-five (42.1%) patients were negative for TMJ disorders; 20.9% in the study group and 72.8% in the control group. A significantly higher number of TMJ disorders was found in patients in the study group compared to the control group (p<0.0001). Most patients had joint disorders (67.2%), followed by other (29.8%) and pain disorders (29%). Logistic regression analysis in the study group showed that female gender was more prevalent in patients with TMJ disorders. Conclusion: Our findings in patients with chronic tinnitus and normal hearing suggest that self-reported history for somatic dysfunction and modulation of tinnitus, when occurring simultaneously in the TMJ region, can be useful to preliminarily identify patients with TMJ disorders

    Weekly versus three weeks chemotherapy for advanced ovarian cancer. A meta-analysis

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    Aim: Three weeks paclitaxel and carboplatin has been considered the standard of care for primary treatment of ovarian cancer (OC). Whether weekly therapy will further improve the clinical outcomes or not is still unclear. We conducted a meta-analysis to compare the two regimens. Method: Articles were selected with a systematic approach, using PubMed databases. Trials concerning comparison between carboplatin plus weekly paclitaxel (dose-dense regimen) and carboplatin plus paclitaxel every 3 weeks were considered. Outcomes included overall survival (OS), progression free survival (PFS) and severe acute toxicity. Results: Dose-dense regimen was associated with significant improvement of PFS compared with standard schedule, with HR of 0.73 (95% CI 0.61-0.88, p = 0.001). There was no difference in OS between treatment regimens (HR 0.95, 95% CI 0.77-1.16, p=0.06), as well as in term of severe acute toxicity. Conclusion: Dose-dense regimen is superior to standard schedule in terms of PFS. Further studies are necessary to firmly confirm this evidence in advanced OC treatment

    Acoustic charge transport in n-i-n three terminal device

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    We present an unconventional approach to realize acoustic charge transport devices that takes advantage from an original input region geometry in place of standard Ohmic input contacts. Our scheme is based on a n-i-n lateral junction as electron injector, an etched intrinsic channel, a standard Ohmic output contact and a pair of in-plane gates. We show that surface acoustic waves are able to pick up electrons from a current flowing through the n-i-n junction and steer them toward the output contact. Acoustic charge transport was studied as a function of the injector current and bias, the SAW power and at various temperatures. The possibility to modulate the acoustoelectric current by means of lateral in-plane gates is also discussed. The main advantage of our approach relies on the possibility to drive the n-i-n injector by means of both voltage or current sources, thus allowing to sample and process voltage and current signals as well.Comment: 9 pages, 3 figures. Submitted to Applied Physics Letter
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