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    Some Notes on Ethical Intuitionism

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    Paper by William H. Davi

    From classroom tutor to hypertext adviser: An evaluation

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    This paper describes a three‐year experiment to investigate the possibility of making economies by replacing practical laboratory sessions with courseware while attempting to ensure that the quality of the student learning experience did not suffer. Pathology labs are a central component of the first‐year medical undergraduate curriculum at Southampton. Activities in these labs had been carefully designed and they were supervised by lab demonstrators who were subject domain experts. The labs were successful in the eyes of both staff and students but were expensive to conduct, in terms of equipment and staffing. Year by year evaluation of the introduction of courseware revealed that there was no measurable difference in student performance as a result of introducing the courseware, but that students were unhappy about the loss of interaction with the demonstrators. The final outcome of this experiment was a courseware replacement for six labs which included a software online hypertext adviser. The contribution of this work is that it adds to the body of empirical evidence in support of the importance of maintaining dialogue with students when introducing courseware, and it presents an example of how this interaction might be achieved in software

    Productivity of Florida Springs: first semi-annual report to Biology Division, Office of Naval Research, progress from June 1, 1952 to January 31, 1953

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    Work has begun on studying the factors responsible for productivity in the Florida springs, which are nearly constant temperature, constant chemical, steady state giant laboratories. Progress has been made on five aspects: qualitative description, quantitative description, completion of knowledge of chemical factors, measurement of productivity , development of productivity theory. Measurement of the primary productivity in Silver Springs and Green Cove Springs by two new methods: the raising of organisms in cages, and the measurement of night & day differences in oxygen downstream agree roughly. Production in these springs is greater than previous production figures reported for marine, fresh water, and land areas. Instantaneous measures of production show large variations with season, time of day, cloud cover. Production estimates range from 11,000 lbs per acre per year to 70,000 lbs. glucose per acre per year during daylight hours. Essential stability of the springs environment has been shown with respect to temperature, phosphorus, and plant cover. A correlation of species number with lack of stability has been shown with insects. Quantitative studies have shown very large plant base to pyramids of mass. Correlation of marine invasion with chlorinity has been shown. The essential aspects of pH regulated phosphorus geochemistry in Florida have been outlined. Some theoretical ideas on productivity have been evolved. Mapping of sessile organisms in springs and taxonomic identification of dominants are half completed. Plans for second six months include measurement of herbivore and carnivore production rates and completion of food chain efficiency determinations in Silver Springs as a preparation for subsequent comparisons between springs. (34pp.

    How Forbes 200 Companies Create and use Mission Statements

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    Small publicly-held firms included on the Forbes 200 list were surveyed to determine their usage of mission statements. Survey results reveal that most of these firms have developed mission statements, which usually include main company purposes, key business objectives, company identity, and other guiding principles. Most of the mission statements result from a group effort, although less than half of the firms formally seek employee input in the development process. CEOs are generally pleased with the results yielded by their mission statements, giving highest marks for providing direction to managers and helping employees focus. The lowest mark is given to improving employee morale, suggesting that more work is needed to help mission statements foster a sense of mission. Effective mission statements include/our major steps: (a) development, (b) distribution, (c) integration, and (d) evaluation. This article provides guidelines for each of these steps

    FeH Absorption in the Near-Infrared Spectra of Late M and L Dwarfs

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    We present medium-resolution z-, J-, and H-band spectra of four late-type dwarfs with spectral types ranging from M8 to L7.5. In an attempt to determine the origin of numerous weak absorption features throughout their near-infrared spectra, and motivated by the recent tentative identification of the E 4\Pi- A ^4\Pi system of FeH near 1.6 microns in umbral and cool star spectra, we have compared the dwarf spectra to a laboratory FeH emission spectrum. We have identified nearly 100 FeH absorption features in the z-, J-, and H-band spectra of the dwarfs. In particular, we have identified 34 features which dominate the appearance of the H-band spectra of the dwarfs and which appear in the laboratory FeH spectrum. Finally, all of the features are either weaker or absent in the spectrum of the L7.5 dwarf which is consistent with the weakening of the known FeH bandheads in the spectra of the latest L dwarfs.Comment: accepted by Ap

    Research notes: Cross pollination studies of soybeans using a genetic male sterile system

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    Information regarding cross pollinating insects in soybeans has been mainly restricted to honeybees. Erickson (1975) reported that attractiveness of soybeans to honey bees appeared to be heritable. Jaycox (1970) reported on the ecological relationships between honey bees and soybeans

    Detection of Coumarin in Seeds Involving Crosses Between Two Species of Melilotus

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    Sweet clover has become increasingly important as a forage and green manure crop. The main objection in recent years to sweet clover is its coumarin content, identified by a sweet odor and bitter taste, making it less desirable to farm animals. When sweet clover hay spoils, the coumarin is converted into dicoumarol which is toxic to animals, especially to ruminants. When ingested this may cause internal and/or external hemorrhages

    Ambiguities in the Cross-Section Analysis of Per Share Financial Data

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    In analyzing corporate financial data it is standard procedure to adjust the data to reflect the current number of shares outstanding. In this study, we show that this simple ,standard procedure can cause serious difficulties in a financial analysis
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