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    Felodipine-Metoprolol Combination Tablet: Maintained Health-Related Quality of Life in the Presence of Substantial Blood Pressure Reduction

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    Background: Most treated hypertensive patients do not achieve adequate blood pressure (BP) control. Initiating therapy with two drugs has been suggested when BP is >20/10 mm Hg above goal. To ensure patients' compliance, such treatment needs to be well tolerated and must not compromise health-related quality of life (HRQL). The primary objective of this study was to compare the effects on HRQL of initiating treatment with felodipine + metoprolol (F+M) fixed combination tablets, or enalapril (E), or placebo (P). Methods: A total of 947 patients of both sexes with primary hypertension (diastolic BP 95 to 110 mm Hg), aged 20 to 70 years, participated in this randomized, double-blind, parallel group, 12-week, multicenter trial. Treatment was initiated with F+M 5 + 50 mg, or E 10 mg, or P. Doses were doubled after 4 or 8 weeks if diastolic BP was >90 mm Hg. The HRQL was measured at baseline and at the last visit using two validated questionnaires: the Psychological General Well-being Index (PGWB) and the Subjective Symptom Assessment Profile (SSA-P). Office BP was measured at trough, that is, 24 h after the previous dose. Results: The HRQL was high at baseline and generally well maintained during the study. For example, the mean (SD) PGWB total score was 104 (16) at baseline and 105 (16) at 12 weeks in all three treatment groups. The BP reductions after F+M (18/14 mm Hg) and E (12/9 mm Hg) were significantly greater than after P (7/7 mm Hg), and the reduction after F+M was significantly greater than after E. Conclusions: The HRQL is maintained in the presence of substantial BP reduction during antihypertensive treatment with F+M fixed combination tablets. Am J Hypertens 2005;18:1313-1319 © 2005 American Journal of Hypertension, Lt

    Att bygga broar - kulturella, språkliga och mediala möten

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    Sjunde nationella konferensen i svenska med didaktisk inriktning samt F√∂rsta nordiska konferensen i modersm√•lsdidaktik h√∂lls i Malm√∂ 18-20 november 2009 under temat Att bygga broar ‚Äď kulturella, spr√•kliga och mediala m√∂ten. H√§r presenteras artiklar fr√•n de fyra plenarf√∂rel√§sarna samt elva av sektionsf√∂redragen. Texterna √§r p√• svenska, danska, norska och engelska och griper i enlighet med temat in i spr√•k- och litteraturdidaktiska √∂gonblick √∂ver n√§ra nog hela forskningsf√§ltet i svenska med didaktisk inriktning