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    Against Corruption: Fred Karl and the Senate Select Committee on Suspensions and Removals, 1968-1974

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    Suspending or removing public officials from office at any level of government and at any point in time always has provided cause for serious concern. Impeachments, suspensions, and removals of municipal, county, or federal officers cause two major constitutional issues to surface which must be resolved to the populace’s satisfaction. The first is the right of citizens, through the electoral process, to be guaranteed their legitimate representation and to remain the ultimate judge of all elected officials’ tenure in office. Even today, as term limitations are debated, perhaps leading to another constitutional amendment, this republican cornerstone remains fundamental. The basic public right to keep a publicly elected official in office until voted out historically underscored arguments against draconian measures in suspension or removal cases

    Grace Allen oral history interview by Peter Klingman, July 16, 1999

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    Grace Allen discusses her life as the wife of University of South Florida\u27s first president, John F. Allen. Mrs. Allen has detailed remembrances of the beginnings and continued growth of USF, and the role she and her husband played in the University\u27s development. John Allen assumed leadership of the university in 1957 and guided USF through its early planning days, designing the Tampa campus and curriculum from the beginning. Grace Allen was active in bringing the community to the campus. One of her early accomplishments was developing the first organized group on campus, the USF Women\u27s club. It is important to note that President Allen felt that the library was the most important building to be constructed on campus, and the librarian was the first staff appointment

    Mandell Shimberg oral history interview by Peter Klingman, December 7, 2000

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    Mandell Hinks Shimberg, former Dean of Libraries at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, discusses the development of Tampa from the 1950s through the present day. Additionally, Shimberg speaks about the development of University of South Florida\u27s performing arts programs and the British International Theater Program. Schimberg also talks about the progress of USF and the impact the university has had on Tampa

    Pilot Study of the Effects of Tai Chi on Elderly Fall Risks

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    Introduction. Falls in the elderly are a significant public health concern. Tai Chi has been shown to reduce falls in this population and increase muscle strength, balance, mood, confidence and sleep.https://scholarworks.uvm.edu/comphp_gallery/1087/thumbnail.jp

    1919: Abilene Christian College Bible Lectures - Full Text

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    Please note: There are pages missing from this book because of a misprint. These missing pages do not remove any information from the book. Uploaded by Jackson Hage

    Quality of Life Among Individuals with HIV Starting Antiretroviral Therapy in Diverse Resource-Limited Areas of the World

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    As Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) is scaled up in low- and middle-income countries, it is important to understand Quality of Life (QOL) correlates including disease severity and person characteristics and to determine the extent of between-country differences among those with HIV. QOL and medical data were collected from 1,563 of the 1,571 participants at entry into a randomized clinical trial of ART conducted in the U.S. (n = 203) and 8 resource-limited countries (n = 1,360) in the Caribbean, South America, Asia, and Africa. Participants were interviewed prior to initiation of ART using a modified version of the ACTG SF-21, a health-related QOL measure including 8 subscales: general health perception, physical functioning, role functioning, social functioning, cognitive functioning, pain, mental health, and energy/fatigue. Other measures included demographics, CD4+ lymphocyte count, plasma HIV-1 RNA viral load. Higher quality of life in each of the 8 QOL subscales was associated with higher CD4+ lymphocyte category. General health perception, physical functioning, role functioning, and energy/fatigue varied by plasma HIV-1 RNA viral load categories. Each QOL subscale included significant variation by country. Only the social functioning subscale varied by sex, with men having greater impairments than women, and only the physical functioning subscale varied by age category. This was the first large-scale international ART trial to conduct a standardized assessment of QOL in diverse international settings, thus demonstrating that implementation of the behavioral assessment was feasible. QOL indicators at study entry varied with disease severity, demographics, and country. The relationship of these measures to treatment outcomes can and should be examined in clinical trials of ART in resource-limited settings using similar methodologies
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