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    Implicit Resolution

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    Let \Omega be a set of unsatisfiable clauses, an implicit resolution refutation of \Omega is a circuit \beta with a resolution proof {\alpha} of the statement "\beta describes a correct tree-like resolution refutation of \Omega". We show that such system is p-equivalent to Extended Frege. More generally, let {\tau} be a tautology, a [P, Q]-proof of {\tau} is a pair (\alpha,\beta) s.t. \alpha is a P-proof of the statement "\beta is a circuit describing a correct Q-proof of \tau". We prove that [EF,P] \leq p [R,P] for arbitrary Cook-Reckhow proof system P

    AutoEncoder Inspired Unsupervised Feature Selection

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    High-dimensional data in many areas such as computer vision and machine learning tasks brings in computational and analytical difficulty. Feature selection which selects a subset from observed features is a widely used approach for improving performance and effectiveness of machine learning models with high-dimensional data. In this paper, we propose a novel AutoEncoder Feature Selector (AEFS) for unsupervised feature selection which combines autoencoder regression and group lasso tasks. Compared to traditional feature selection methods, AEFS can select the most important features by excavating both linear and nonlinear information among features, which is more flexible than the conventional self-representation method for unsupervised feature selection with only linear assumptions. Experimental results on benchmark dataset show that the proposed method is superior to the state-of-the-art method.Comment: accepted by ICASSP 201