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    Investigating the structure and meaning of public service motivation across populations: Developing an international instrument and addressing issues of measurement invariance

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    The growth in international research on public service motivation (PSM) raises a number of important questions about the degree to which the theory and research developed in one country can contribute to our understanding of PSM in other counties. To help address this issue, this study revisits the conceptual and operational definitions of PSM to address weaknesses previously noted in the literature. Although some important steps have been taken to both improve and internationalize the PSM scale, this work has been done incrementally. In contrast, this study takes a more systematic and comprehensive approach by combining the efforts of international PSM scholars to develop and then test a revised measurement instrument for PSM in 12 countries. Although the resulting four dimensional 16-item measure of PSM reported here provides a better theoretical and empirical foundation for the measurement of PSM, our results suggest that the exact meaning and scaling of PSM dimensions are likely to differ across cultures and languages. These results raise serious concerns regarding the ability to develop a single universal scale of PSM, or making direct comparisons of PSM across countries. © 2012 The Author

    Regulatory feedback from nascent RNA to chromatin and transcription

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    Transcription and chromatin function are regulated by proteins that bind to DNA, nucleosomes or RNA polymerase II, with specific non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) functioning to modulate their recruitment or activity. Unlike ncRNAs, nascent pre-mRNA was considered to be primarily a passive player in these processes. In this Opinion article, we describe recently identified interactions between nascent pre-mRNAs and regulatory proteins, highlight commonalities between the functions of nascent pre-mRNA and nascent ncRNA, and propose that both types of RNA have an active role in transcription and chromatin regulation

    Public service motivation: How does it relate to management reforms and changes in the working situation of public organizations? A case study of the Italian Revenue Agency

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    To what extent can PSM be considered a characteristic that evolves in the course of the individual’s working life? After offering this question as a contribution to a research agenda on PSM, the paper examines in what way the different dimensions of PSM, held by a group of employees in the Italian Revenue agency, relate to their perceptions of recent changes in working conditions. It also explores the relationship between perception of change, PSM dimensions and job satisfaction, work motivation and organisational commitment

    Il mutamento del rapporto centro-periferia nel Ministero delle Finanze, Amministrare

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    L'articolo analizza il processo di riorganizzazione della pubblica amministrazione in Europa, ponendo particolare enfasi sulle peculiaritĂ  che hanno caratterizzato il caso italiano

    Shifts in autonomy, responsibility and control from centre to periphery in public administration: the case of the ministry of finance in Italy

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    The paper examines the case of the reform of the Italian Ministry of Finance. In seeking to improve its performance and the services it provides, the ministry reform is intended to introduce a management system in which the key concepts are the planning, programming and control of administrative action and results.The working hypothesis advanced is that this is due to local executives’ lack of confidence in the “system”, inasmuch as the reform process has so far been characterised by a tendency to give them responsibility without autonomy and autonomy without control
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