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    Intervention Program to Increase Preparedness for Life After High School

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    Based on the research conducted on ‚Äúat-risk‚ÄĚ youths, many high school students struggle with transitioning into adulthood. This capstone project was implemented at Learning for Life Charter School (LFLCS), an alternative charter school serving middle and high school at-risk youths. The seniors at LFLCS lack preparedness for life after high school. This capstone project, Adopt a Senior, was an intervention program to increase preparedness and ease the transition to life among graduating seniors. Participating seniors developed a post-graduation plan focusing on their future goals. Eight of the 31 LFLCS seniors participated in the program, and four students developed a post-graduation plan. It is recommended that LFLCS continue implementing Adopt a Senior as it can increase student participation and preparedness

    The effect of teaching materials on the development of vocabulary in students from 5th grade at ‚ÄúEl Faro‚ÄĚ during the first semester of 2013

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    This thesis research has its main focus in the field of education, related of course, with the teaching of English language. Since the teaching process has an incredible amount of educational materials that support and strengthen the development of students¬ī skills, we wanted to emphasize those materials that facilitate the learning of vocabulary. Specifically, the present research addresses the use of teaching materials, designed to develop the vocabulary of elementary students, and it is mentioned of course, many authors and theories. Although, many teachers make use of all possible tools to achieve their educational goals, many others leave out not only the media, but also obviate its importance. Through this thesis are exposed not only different teaching materials, but also strategies and activities linked to teaching vocabulary, which can help language teachers to build a clearer perspective on how to use the resources around them to achieve in students meaningful and creative learning. When it comes to vocabulary, people think about an extensive set of individual words, which is not far from reality. However, it involves much more than that. Regarding vocabulary, we can also include idioms, expressions, chunks or lexical phrases. In addition, students are able to communicate successfully with others when they have enough words to express themselves. Otherwise, possessing an extensive vocabulary or learning a limited one, but in the most significant way, makes a difference in the cognitive process of a student. As language skills are gaining more and more strength within the set of knowledge,vocabulary acquisition-learning is vital in the learning process as well. Understand, manage and acquire vocabulary, might be crucial, even above another sub skill or ability, and it could represent the key to the understanding of children and what allow them to understand what they hear and read in school. Therefore, vocabulary can build scholastic success. In order to support this thought many ideas and author¬īs theories are exposed in this research, which pursues to analyze the effect of the materials mentioned before, in teaching vocabulary in the English languag

    Entrenamiento mediante la velocidad para el control de la fatiga en mujeres con c√°ncer de mama. Un estudio piloto

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    Dada la importancia de conocer las variables de la fatiga en las mujeres con cáncer de mama, se hace necesario comprobar si una pérdida de velocidad menor es más efectiva que una mayor, por lo tanto, el objetivo de este estudio era analizar si una pérdida de velocidad del 15% resultaba tanto o más efectiva que una pérdida del 25% para generar mejoras en el RM y composición corporal, además de producir un menor índice de fatiga en las participante

    Knowledge discovery from post project reviews

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    Many construction companies conduct reviews on project completion to enhance learning and to fulfil quality management procedures. Often these reports are filed away never to be seen again. This means that potentially important knowledge that may assist other project teams is not exploited. In order to ascertain whether useful knowledge can be gleaned from such reports, Knowledge Discovery from Text (KDT) and text mining (TM) are applied. Text mining avoids the need for a manual search through a vast number of reports, potentially of different formats and foci, to seek trends that may be useful for current and future projects. Pilot tests were used to analyse 48 post-project review reports. The reports were first reviewed manually to identify key themes. They were then analysed using text mining software to investigate whether text mining could identify trends and uncover useful knowledge from the reports. Pilot tests succeeded in finding common occurrences across different projects that were previously unknown. Text mining could provide a potential solution and would aid project teams to learn from previous projects. However, a lot of work is currently required before the text mining tests are conducted and the results need to be examined carefully by those with domain knowledge to validate the results obtained

    Achievement Goal Task Framing and Fit With Personal Goals Modulate the Neurocognitive Response to Corrective Feedback

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    Past studies have demonstrated the educational impact of achievement goals, but have not yet captured their effects at a critical learning moment‚ÄĒstudents‚Äô response to negative feedback and their subsequent engagement with error remediation opportunities. We used event-related potentials to investigate how neural substrates of feedback processing were influenced by a within subjects manipulation of mastery and performance goals. Task goal framing did not affect event-related potentials to performance feedback, but did modulate neural activity predicting successful learning. Under a mastery frame, successful learning modulated fronto-temporal activity linked with semantic processing; under a performance frame, it modulated parieto-occipital activity linked with perceptual processing. A match (‚Äúfit‚ÄĚ) between task and personal goals intensified these neural differences under both goal frames, but mastery goals were additionally sensitive to goal presentation order. Mastery goals may motivate better learning strategies, but are more vulnerable to modulation by students‚Äô own goal dispositions and prior experiences

    El femicidio en el Código Orgánico Integral Penal: realidades y perspectivas procesales

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    El presente trabajo investigativo tiene como prop√≥sito constatar la realidad jur√≠dica respecto al delito de femicidio y sus perspectivas procesales en el Ecuador, para lo cual se analizan los problemas jur√≠dico procesales que existen en la identificaci√≥n, investigaci√≥n, prueba, juzgamiento y sanci√≥n del delito en estudio, ante lo cual se proponen posibles soluciones, encaminadas a detectarlo y procesarlo de manera √≥ptima. En el primer cap√≠tulo se realizan precisiones terminol√≥gicas, as√≠ como un estudio del femicidio a la luz de los instrumentos internacionales de derechos humanos inherentes al tema tratado; adem√°s se ejecuta un ejercicio de derecho comparado, necesario y √ļtil, por cuanto el delito estudiado ha sido recientemente incorporado en la legislaci√≥n ecuatoriana, siendo conveniente estudiar la tipificaci√≥n, procedimientos, doctrina y pronunciamientos judiciales de los pa√≠ses escogidos para su debida comparaci√≥n y an√°lisis. En el segundo cap√≠tulo se investiga la realidad procesal del femicidio en Ecuador, as√≠ como los medios probatorios id√≥neos para demostrar la existencia del delito y la responsabilidad del procesado; se determinan de manera clara los roles espec√≠ficos y especializados de los fiscales y juzgadores. Esta investigaci√≥n finaliza con propuestas claras respecto de los problemas encontrados en la investigaci√≥n, juzgamiento y sanci√≥n del femicidio, con el fin de contribuir con sugerencias encaminadas a mejorar y optimizar los procedimientos a llevarse a cabo

    El contrato de puesta a disposición: un análisis de los supuestos excluidos y permitidos por la ley

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    Treball Final de Grau en en Relacions Laborals i Recursos Humans. Codi: RL0947. Curs: 2016/201

    Desarrollo de una aplicación móvil para el control de rutas, pasajeros y conductores

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    The project is about the development of a mobile application in the operating system Android. This software aims to automate routes reservations for travel between cities in a shared car system. This topic was chosen because of the great demand of users who travel from a city to another. The application seeks to provide a simple and easy service for customers; in such a way that, from the booking of the route up to the payment of the same must be an entire automated process. The mobile application reduces the processes and the time spent in the search for drivers and routes. This system is a benefit for both passengers and drivers because of the functions that it offers. Furthermore, a similar product does not exist in the Ecuadorian technology market. It represents a innovate application to the public. The software to be developed will show features that will improve transportation service between cities. In addition, this software will include modules that integrate all current factors in the process of routes reservation.El proyecto trata sobre el desarrollo de una aplicaci√≥n m√≥vil en el sistema operativo Android. Este programa tiene como objetivo la automatizaci√≥n de reservaciones de rutas para viajes entre ciudades en un sistema de auto compartido. El tema escogido est√° dado por la gran demanda de usuarios que viajan de una ciudad a otra. La aplicaci√≥n busca ofrecer un servicio f√°cil y sencillo para los clientes; de tal manera que, desde la reserva de la ruta hasta el pago de la misma debe ser todo un proceso automatizado. La aplicaci√≥n m√≥vil reduce los procesos y el tiempo invertido en la b√ļsqueda de conductores y rutas. Este sistema es un beneficio tanto para pasajeros como conductores por las funcionalidades que ofrece. Asimismo, un producto similar no existe en el mercado tecnol√≥gico ecuatoriano; por lo tanto, representa una aplicaci√≥n llamativa para el p√ļblico. El software a desarrollarse presentar√° funcionalidades que mejorar√°n el servicio de transporte entre ciudades. Adem√°s, este trabajo incluir√° m√≥dulos que integran todos los factores presentes en el proceso de reservaci√≥n de rutas

    Learning from post project reviews

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    Post Project Reviews (PPRs) can provide a valuable source of learning for project teams. They are also known by other terminologies such as project closeout, project post mortems, etc, and attempt to document the project experience ‚Äď both good and bad. In order to reflect their importance, many construction organisations now have policies towards the conduct of PPRs. The reports resulting from these PPRs are done with the best intentions of providing a rich and valuable source of learning. However, because many companies do not have the resources to examine their review reports, either individually or collectively, important insights are missed thereby leading to a missed opportunity to learn from previous projects. Text mining offers a potential solution to companies that do not have the resources to analyse these reports. Text mining analyses large volumes of text to identify patterns and trends in order to extract information and knowledge that could improve process, and identify both good and bad practice. Text mining is a development of knowledge discovery and data mining; the latter uses numerical data and has been used successfully in a range of industry sectors such as banking, manufacturing and retail to improve customer satisfaction. Text mining is a relatively new approach and uses unstructured text, as found in PPR reports. It is thus ideally suited to overcoming the problem with organisations possessing a large number of PPRs that may provide very useful information and knowledge without the requirement for extra human resources to analyse them. This paper investigates the potential use of text mining to identify vital sources of knowledge that can lead to learning from Post Project Reviews. Two UK construction contractors provided PPRs reports. The companies adopted radically different approaches to the style and content of their PPRs reports and thus provided an opportunity to investigate the success of text mining for different scenarios. In total 48 PPR reports were analysed. The companies‚Äô reports were first pre-processed to allow then to be used in a text mining tool. The text mining tool also had to be customised, using ontologies, to suit the context of the reports. In addition, both companies were asked to identify key knowledge areas that are important to their businesses; these formed the basis of the key words and phrases that were used for text mining. Two techniques, namely Link Analysis and Dimensional Matrix Analysis were used to identify correlations between key words and phrases that appear across a range of different Post Project Review reports. The initial results are very promising because they help to identify links and trends that would otherwise be difficult to identify without a substantial amount of manpower. One of the advantages is the graphical representation of the strength of correlations between key words that makes it easy to select areas for further investigation

    The needs and benefits of Text Mining applications on Post-Project Reviews

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    Post Project Reviews (PPRs) are a rich source of knowledge and data for organisations - if organisations have the time and resources to analyse them. Too often these reports are stored, unread by many who could benefit from them. PPR reports attempt to document the project experience ‚Äď both good and bad. If these reports were analysed collectively, they may expose important detail, e.g. recurring problems or examples of good practice, perhaps repeated across a number of projects. However, because most companies do not have the resources to thoroughly examine PPR reports, either individually or collectively, important insights and opportunities to learn from previous projects, are missed. This research explores the application of knowledge discovery techniques and text mining to uncover patterns, associations, and trends from PPR reports. The results might then be used to address problem areas, enhance processes, and improve customer relationships. A case study related to two construction companies is presented in this paper and knowledge discovery techniques are used to analyze 50 PPR reports collected during the last three years. The case study has been examined in six contexts and the results show that Text Mining has a good potential to improve overall knowledge reuse and exploitation
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