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    Tailored Etch-Profiles of high aspect ratio trenches to prevent voids after refill with LPCVD sirn

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    A study is performed to obtain insight in etch- profile tailoring of high aspect ratio trenches (2 μm wide and 40 μm deep) to achieve void-free refilling with LPCVD SiRN. The trench profile obtained with Bosch DRIE is the most important factor determining formation of voids. Various Bosch recipes are characterized with respect to profile determining features and its applicability in void-free refilling

    Nanometer resolution TEM sample manipulator for rotational and translational positioning

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    The design and fabrication process for a high performance manipulation stage for nanometer resolution TEM sample positioning over a 20 μm range is presented. A two level, planar stage is moved in three translational and three rotational directions by just two types of actuators; three horizontal and three vertical combdrives. The vertical combdrives are suspended by optimally designed torsion-beams, improving lateral stiffness by at least a factor of 50 compared to rectangular beams, hence minimizing the chance of electrostatic side pull-in

    Pilot Milling Studies

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