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    Moral Concerns About Artistic Activity

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    A large part of the contemporary debate on art and morality is over the behavioural consequences of consuming artworks, the dependence or the independence between the aesthetic and the moral value of artworks, and whether ethical flaws or merits of artworks should also be considered as aesthetical flaws or merits (and viceversa). Here I will focus on a different, although related, topic. I will consider whether artists have duties towards art itself, as Luigi Pareyson argued in his Estetica. Teoria della formativit\ue0 (1954). In other words, I will raise the question whether the pursuit of artistic success requires, entails, or can result in a kind of moral stance towards artistic endeavour. I will suggest that the notion of authenticity not just as an obligation or a duty, but rather as a virtue, may be useful at this regard

    A ontologia performativa de Fichte

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    Que contribui\ue7\ue3o a filosofia de Fichte pode dar \ue0 ontologia? Fichte posicionou-se claramente contra a ontologia enquanto descri\ue7\ue3o dos entes, isto \ue9, contra a ontologia descritiva. A doutrina da ci\ueancia desenvolve pois uma ontologia prescritiva que pode ser entendida como um tipo de \u201contologia performativa\u201d
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