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    Book review: The life project: the extraordinary story of our ordinary lives by Helen Pearson

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    Authored by Helen Pearson, The Life Project: The Extraordinary Story of our Ordinary Lives concerns British birth cohort studies: a unique set of longitudinal studies that commenced in 1946, tracking generations of babies from birth to death. As the studies yield fascinating and vital insight into issues of health, education, childhood and the impact of deprivation, Jacqueline Baxter finds this absorbing book essential reading, with Pearson underscoring the significance of the birth cohort studies in a clear and accessible manner

    Governing public services in England and Wales: a move from the stakeholder model could further the democratic deficit

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    A great deal of attention is given to roles of both Chief Executives and members of the Senior Management Team in many organisations, yet the work of the governing board is frequently neglected. Comparing England and Wales, Jacqueline Baxter and Catherine Farrell argue that we’re witnessing a shift away from the predominantly stakeholder model of board membership, which could potentially further the ‘democratic deficit’ in the governance of public services

    Satisfactory Progress? Keywords in English School Inspection

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    In this paper, we explore some of the keywords around which the practice of school inspection is ordered in England. As part of a project that explores the role of inspection in governing schooling in England, Scotland and Sweden, we have examined some of the key sources through which Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) publicly announces its role and purpose. In considering these texts we have turned to Raymond Williams’ conception of ‘keywords’ (1988) to frame our analysis. We suggest that these sources are marked by the presence of a series of such keywords that underpin and legitimize the practice of school inspection by Ofsted. We conclude by considering some of the changing terminology that followed from the Coalition Government that took office in the UK in 2010 and which made education reform a centre piece of its first period in power
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