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    Making Ethics Effective in Higher Education in Africa and Beyond: A Programme Led by a Visionary Leader, Prof. Obiora Ike

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    This article tracks the development of the Globethics.net Foundation’s work on ethics in higher education, mainly as a focus on the University administration and good practices. Ethics in university management and organisation is a center of focus since the new strategic focus of the Foundation in 2016, paying tribute to the leadership of Globethics.net Executive Director Obiora F. Ike.  Prof. Dr Ike pioneered the work and laid firm foundations for its continuation and global implementation. In addition to the Globethics.net resources of library, publications and online education through its academy, Globethics.net launched processes and tools to inspire and equip higher education institutions to reach true ethics excellence in their organisation as institutions

    Global Ethics Forum 2011

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    What is the value of values in business? Corporate responsibility, when genuine, serves the long-term self-interest and reputation of the corporation and serves the community and society as well. It serves the cause of sustainable development, not just by safeguarding the environment or avoiding social harm, but by promoting businesses that are themselves sustainable. The Global Ethics Forum 2011 is part of a three-year project involving research, documentation and exchange. The project aims, by engaging all different stakeholders, to provide innovative practical solutions to the problems of corporate responsibility faced by the business community and society as a whole. The proliferation of initiatives by a broad array of stakeholders requires convergence on shared objectives, policies and practices. The forum brought together 260 participants from all sectors and continents to promote this convergence. In the first keynote address, Ambassador Michel Doucin asked what have we learned from the crisis for tomorrow’s corporate behaviour. At the heart of the forum’s work were three sets of four workshops: the first, on practical tools and continental diversity; the second, on global standards and solutions for implementation; and the third, on multistakeholder cooperation and the role of key players. In the second keynote address, Mark Drewell, CEO of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, spoke on the challenge of institutionalising responsibility in corporations. The forum produced eighty recommendations for action. These were refined into twelve practical projects that will begin immediately and last until 2013