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    Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Muhammadiyah: Upaya Menangkal Praktek Radikalisme Melalui Pengajaran Qira’ah di Perguruan Tinggi (Studi Atas Buku Al-Arabiyyah Al-Muyassarah Al-Darsu Al-Tsalatsun Karya Mustafa Muhammad Nuri)

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    Abstract. The practice of radicalism and extremism against religion in Indonesia has spread to all levels of society including students. Therefore need filtering to overcome the problem. One of them by internalizing the values of Muhammadiyah in Higher Education. This paper aims to describe the Muhammadiyah values contained in Arabic Islamic texts in the teaching of Qira'ah courses in STKIP Muhammadiyah Bone. The approach used in this paper is the analysis of two texts from a book entitled al-Arabiyah al-Muyassarah by Mustafa Muhammad Nuri using an analytical blade from Dell Hyme's theory. If associated with the conditions in Indonesia, the contents of the two texts make a significant contribution to the internalization of Muhammadiyah values namely Idil Platform, Normative Foundation and Platform of Embodiment. Based on the results of the study, the teaching of Reading with Islamic themes based on the values of Muhammadiyah gives a good impact on the students which in turn can contribute to the prevention of the behavior of radicalism and extremism against Indonesian religion and nation.Keywords: Muhammadiyah, Radicalism, Qira'ah Text, Dell Hyme Theory


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    Thisresearch aimsto knowthe effect of learning method towardthe studentsArabicachievementinthe fifth gradeof Islamic Junior HighSchool(Madrasah Tsanawiyah)Al-Junaidiyah Biru Bone for academic year2017/2018. The research questions were: is there any difference in Arabic learning achievement as a whole between a group of students who have been given intiqiyyah methods and another group of students who have been given conventional methods. This research was an experimental study using randomized control group design. The influencing factorial variable is learning methods on Arabic. The Arabic learning achievement was used to know the students? skill or capability Arabic learning. In experimental class, intiqiyyah methods as experiment methods, and conventional methods as control methods. This research concluded that there was any difference between students Arabic achievements of group of students who have been given intiqiyyah methods and group of students who have been given conventional methods


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    This study aims to improve the acquisition of Arabic vocabulary in early childhood with singing techniques. Children of all ages are basically happy to listen, sing and learn with songs. Therefore, music in general is an important part of the teaching-learning process for young students. The results showed that early childhood students enjoyed learning Arabic by singing and it was easier to remember the vocabulary taught by the teacher. Thus, it can be concluded that  the singing technique is able to improve the mastery of early childhood Arabic vocabulary especially for students of the Raodhatul Athfal Ma'had Hadits Al-Junaidiyah Blue Bone.Keywords: Singing technique, vocabulary mastery, Arabi

    Pembuatan Aplikasi Peta Wisata Di Salatiga Berbasis Mobilegis Memanfaatkan Smartphoneandroid

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    Salatiga is a small town in Central Java province which has an area of ± 56.78 km² and is located between Semarang City and Solo City. In Salatiga founded private universities, where many people from various regions in Indonesia studying at Salatiga. Salatiga city has a variety of attractions that are widespread in some places. The existence of attractions that are far away from the city center and the main roads, and the road to the attraction field winding and has many crossroads, obviously complicate the tourists who first visited in Salatiga. Therefore, it is necessary for Salatiga to have supporting facilities in forms of leisure destination guides as it makes travel to Salatiga easier.By utilizing the technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Location Based Service (LBS) that are embedded in a smartphoneandroid and combine it with google maps, it can produce an application that can provide location information services. This application can be created using the software MIT App Inventor 2 which uses programming language visual block.Results this research is an applicationbased mobile GIS Wisata Salatiga which provide information about tours, hotels, cafes and restaurants scattered in Salatiga and surroundings. Some features in which the internet connection is required to use the WLAN network is the fastest network while testing applications. With the average distanceerror of about 23 mwere obtained from comparison of the distance betweennear list menu with the distance measurement tool menu on google maps, the application is still able to provide navigation instructions properly

    Al-Islam Learning Development on Local Wisdom based: Efforts to Strengthen the Concept of Indonesian Students Religious Moderation

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    Studies about the integration value of students’ religious moderation have been conducted by many scholars, in fact, there are still limited studies on the relationship between them in the aspect of local wisdom. To fill the gap, this study aims to describe the value of Buginess local wisdom called Mattulu Tellue which can be found in the religious moderation material in Al-Islam learning in the Muhammadiyah University Bone, Indonesia to improve tolerance among students.  This study deploys a qualitative method. This study found that lecturers of Al-Islam learning apply the local wisdom in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of learning to strengthen the value of religious moderation education based on Bugis local wisdom in al-Islam learning. Al-Islam learning with the theme of religious moderation based on the values of Bugis Bone Mattulu Tellue local wisdom has positive impacts on students which can contribute to society, especially in areas that are still full of culture and local wisdom in understanding the value of tolerance in the moderation frame. religious. Therefore, this study gives implications to contribute empirically, contextually, and policy