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    Adaptive message rate control of infrastructured DSRC vehicle networks for coexisting road safety and non-safety applications

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    Intelligent transport system (ITS) has large potentials on road safety applications as well as nonsafety applications. One of the big challenges for ITS is on the reliable and cost-effective vehicle communications due to the large quantity of vehicles, high mobility, and bursty traffic from the safety and non-safety applications. In this paper, we investigate the use of dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) for coexisting safety and non-safety applications over infrastructured vehicle networks. The main objective of this work is to improve the scalability of communications for vehicles networks, ensure QoS for safety applications, and leave as much as possible bandwidth for non-safety applications. A two-level adaptive control scheme is proposed to find appropriate message rate and control channel interval for safety applications. Simulation results demonstrated that this adaptive method outperforms the fixed control method under varying number of vehicles

    Efektivitas Penggunaan Media Audio Visual dan Metode Eksperimen pada Materi Transpor pada Membran Sel Kelas Xi IPA di SMAN 1 Kluet Tengah Kabupaten Aceh Selatan

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    Hasil observasi di kelas XI SMAN 1 Kluet Tengah selama proses pembelajaran Biologi berlangsung siswa cenderung pasif dan hanya menerima informasi dari guru serta sebagian siswa ketika guru mengajukan pertanyaan sering kali tidak ada tanggapan dari siswa. Sebagian siswa juga mengatakan kesulitannya dalam memahami proses-proses Biologi khususnya pada materi transpor pada membran sel. Permasalahan tersebut perlu dicari solusinya yaitu dengan menggunakan media audio visual dan metode eksperimen pada materi transpor membran. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efektivitas pembelajaran dan tanggapan siswa dengan penggunaan media audio visual dan metode eksperimen pada materi transpor pada membran sel di SMAN 1 Kluet Tengah Kabupaten Aceh Selatan. Rancangan penelitian yaitu Quasi Eksperimen dengan One-group Pre-test Posttest Design. Populasinya adalah seluruh siswa kelas XI IPA SMAN 1 Kluet Tengah yang terdiri dari 2 kelas. Adapun teknik sampel dengan purposive sampling yang menjadi sampel dalam penelitian ini adalah kelas XI IPA 2. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Efektivitas pembelajaran dengan penggunaan media audio visual dan metode eksperimen kelas XI IPA di SMAN 1 Kluet Tengah pada materi transpor pada membran sel yaitu 75 dengan kategori efektif, Tanggapan siswa terhadap penggunaan media audio visual dan metode eksperimen mendapatkan nilai persentase yang berbeda, yaitu untuk metode eksperimen 90% dengan kriteria baik sekali sedangkan tanggapan siswa dengan penggunaan media audio visual yaitu 85% dengan kriteria baik. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian tersebut menunjukkan bahwa pembelajaran dengan penggunaan media audio visual dan metode eksperimen dapat meningkatkan efektivitas belajar siswa kelas XI IPA di SMAN 1 Kluet Tengah Kabupaten Aceh Selatan

    Review of SIS Experimental Results on Strangeness

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    >A review of meson emission in heavy ion collisions at incident energies around 1 -- 2 A⋅A\cdotGeV is presented. It is shown how the shape of the spectra and the various particle yields vary with system size, with centrality and with incident energy. A statistical model assuming thermal and chemical equilibrium and exact strangeness conservation (i.e. strangeness conservation per collision) explains most of the observed features. Emphasis is put onto the study of K+K^+ and K−K^- emission. In the framework of this statistical model it is shown that the experimentally observed equality of K+K^+ and K−K^- rates at threshold corrected energies s−sth\sqrt{s} - \sqrt{s_{th}} is due to a crossing of two excitation functions. Furthermore, the independence of the K+K^+ to K−K^- ratio on the number of participating nucleons observed between 1 and 10 A⋅A\cdotGeV is consistent with this model. The observed flow effects are beyond the scope of this model.Comment: 10 pages, 9 figures, Strangeness 2000, V International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter, July, 2000, Berkeley, Californi

    The strange-quark chemical potential as an experimentally accessible "order parameter" of the deconfinement phase transition for finite baryon-density

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    We consider the change of the strange-quark chemical potential in the phase diagram of nuclear matter, employing the Wilson loop and scalar quark condensate order parameters, mass-scaled partition functions and enforcing flavor conservation. Assuming the region beyond the hadronic phase to be described by massive, correlated and interacting quarks, in the spirit of lattice and effective QCD calculations, we find the strange-quark chemical potential to change sign: from positive in the hadronic phase - to zero upon deconfinement - to negative in the partonic domain. We propose this change in the sign of the strange-quark chemical potential to be an experimentally accessible order parameter and a unique, concise and well-defined indication of the quark-deconfinement phase transition in nuclear matter.Comment: 22 pages, 14 figures within text, 2 figures(6,B3) as separate files. To be published in J.Phys.G: Nucl.&Part.Phys. G28 (2002

    Construction of a steam vessel of the Revenue Marine and steam launch for special service in Alaskan waters

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    48-1CommerceSteam Vessel for Service in Alaska. [2255] Indian affairs in Alaska; Indian subsistence depends on the sea-otter.1884-11

    Centrality and sNNDependenceofthe\sqrt{s_{NN}} Dependence of the dE_{T}/d\etaand and dN_{ch}/d\eta$ in Heavy Ion Collisions at Mid-Rapidity

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    The PHENIX experiment at RHIC has measured transverse energy and charged particle multiplicity at mid-rapidity in Au + Au collisions at sNN\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 19.6, 130, 62.4 and 200 GeV as a function of centrality. The presented results are compared to measurements from other RHIC experiments, and experiments at lower energies. The sNN\sqrt{s_{NN}} dependence of dET/dηdE_{T}/d\eta and dNch/dηdN_{ch}/d\eta per pair of participants is consistent with logarithmic scaling for the most central events. The centrality dependence of dET/dηdE_{T}/d\eta and dNch/dηdN_{ch}/d\eta is similar at all measured incident energies. At RHIC energies the ratio of transverse energy per charged particle was found independent of centrality and growing slowly with sNN\sqrt{s_{NN}}. A survey of comparisons between the data and available theoretical models is also presented.Comment: Proccedings of the Workshop: Focus on Multiplcity at Bari, Italy, June 17-19,2004. To be submitted to the Jornal of Physics, "Conference series". Includes: 20 Pages, 15 figures, 3 Tables, 80 Referencie

    The sense of satisfaction felt by school nurses who support the education of children with medical complexity

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    目的:本研究の目的は医療的ケア児の教育を支えている学校看護師の医療的ケア児・保護者・教職員との関わりの中で感じるやりがいを明らかにすることである. 対象と方法:医療的ケア児の看護に携わる学校看護師11名を対象に,半構造化面接を実施し,質的帰納的に分析した. 結果:分析の結果,15サブカテゴリー,6カテゴリーに分類された.学校看護師は,【子どもが学校で安全に過ごすために必要な存在である】と自己の役割を認識し,【子どもが教育を受けることを支えている】,【子どもが医療的ケアを自ら行えるようになるために子どもの成長を支えている】ことへやりがいを感じていた.また,【子どもから学びながら信頼関係を構築している】,【医療的ケア以外にも子どもと関係づくりができる】,【教職員や保護者に支えてもらっている】と子どもや保護者,教職員との関係性の中でやりがいを感じていた. 考察:学校看護師が自己の役割や存在意義を認識することができるよう,医療的ケア児を地域で支えている小児看護の専門家と連携し学校看護師を支援できるような体制を構築する必要性が示唆された.departmental bulletin pape

    subsp. longipes

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    Stellaria longipes Goldie subsp. longipeslong-stalked starwortstellaire à longs pédicellesStellaria monanthaCrandell Mountain, W. summitmostly N.W. damp rock fragments7400 feetwhit
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