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    Renormalization of the spectral action for the Yang-Mills system

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    We establish renormalizability of the full spectral action for the Yang-Mills system on a flat 4-dimensional background manifold. Interpreting the spectral action as a higher-derivative gauge theory, we find that it behaves unexpectedly well as far as renormalization is concerned. Namely, a power counting argument implies that the spectral action is superrenormalizable. From BRST-invariance of the one-loop effective action, we conclude that it is actually renormalizable as a gauge theory.Comment: 6 pages; 4 figures; minor correction

    Renormalization of gauge fields: A Hopf algebra approach

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    We study the Connes-Kreimer Hopf algebra of renormalization in the case of gauge theories. We show that the Ward identities and the Slavnov-Taylor identities (in the abelian and non-abelian case respectively) are compatible with the Hopf algebra structure, in that they generate a Hopf ideal. Consequently, the quotient Hopf algebra is well-defined and has those identities built in. This provides a purely combinatorial and rigorous proof of compatibility of the Slavnov-Taylor identities with renormalization.Comment: 24 pages; uses feynm

    Recursive relations in the core Hopf algebra

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    We study co-ideals in the core Hopf algebra underlying a quantum field theory.Comment: 11 page

    Noncommutative tori and the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence

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    We study the interplay between noncommutative tori and noncommutative elliptic curves through a category of equivariant differential modules on C\mathbb{C}^*. We functorially relate this category to the category of holomorphic vector bundles on noncommutative tori as introduced by Polishchuk and Schwarz and study the induced map between the corresponding K-theories. In addition, there is a forgetful functor to the category of noncommutative elliptic curves of Soibelman and Vologodsky, as well as a forgetful functor to the category of vector bundles on C\mathbb{C}^* with regular singular connections. The category that we consider has the nice property of being a Tannakian category, hence it is equivalent to the category of representations of an affine group scheme. Via an equivariant version of the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence we determine this group scheme to be (the algebraic hull of) Z2\mathbb{Z}^2. We also obtain a full subcategory of the category of holomorphic bundles of the noncommutative torus, which is equivalent to the category of representations of Z\mathbb{Z}. This group is the proposed topological fundamental group of the noncommutative torus (understood as a degenerate elliptic curve) and we study Nori's notion of \'etale fundamental group in this context.Comment: 22 pages with major revisions. Some preliminary material removed. Section 4 on the \'etale fundamental group of noncommutative tori is entirely new. References changed accordingly, to appear in JNC