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    Chinese New Year Story

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    The project I am submitting for the Modern Language Competition is a class project that highlights the storyline of Chinese New Year. On the far left of our banner represents the beginning of Chinese New Year, where it all started. The legend of the Monster Nian. Nian had sharp teeth and horns. It lived high in the darkness of the mountains but around the end of lunar year he would go onshore to hurt people and livestock. Therefore, villages in China would have to run away or hide from the Nian. Until one day they could not keep this up anymore so they found a solution. They found out that the Nian did not like the color red and loud noises. So villages started to decorate their homes and gates bright red and prepared fireworks for when the Nian came. Once the beast arrived, villages would set off the fireworks to really scared it away. This was a success for them allowing them to carry on this tradition to present day. Now people that celebrate Chinese New Year throughout the world put up bright red couplets on their doors, watch bright and loud lion dances, hang lanterns and set off fireworks right at midnight