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    Assessment of coping with illness among patients with hepatitis C – on example of research in Poland

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    Introduction: In Poland approximately 2% of the population are infected with HCV. The majority (70-80%) of persons infected with HCV develop chronic hepatitis C which, when untreated, may lead to cirrhosis and/or hepatocellular carcinoma. The skills of coping with stress and acceptance of chronic illness may motivate patients for participation in treatment and leading a health-promoting life style. Objective: The aim of the study was assessment of coping with illness in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Materials and Method: The study included 220 adults with chronic hepatitis C, and was conducted by the method of a diagnostic survey using the Polish questionnaire: Brief Method of Assessment of Coping with Illness (Krótka Metoda Oceny Radzenia Sobie z Chorobą - KMORSZCH), the Acceptance of Illness Scale (AIS), and an author-constructed questionnaire. Results:  The examined group of patients with hepatitis C most strongly presented style oriented on emotions and passivity (mean score 1.20), and style focused on problem solving (mean score 1.05), followed by respondents who presented avoidance-oriented style (mean score 0.98), whereas the style focused on seeking the best solution to the problem was most rarely chosen (mean score 0.77). It was found that the more frequently the respondents presented style oriented on experiencing emotions and passivity, to the significantly lower degree they accepted their illness. Patients with higher education significantly more often presented style focused on seeking the best solution to the problem (p<0.045),while those with the lowest level of education significantly more frequently were oriented on experiencing emotions and passivity (p<0.001). Rural inhabitants significantly more often presented style oriented on experiencing emotions and passivity (p<0.002). The remaining independent variables: gender, age, marital status, number of years of illness, and occupational activity had an insignificant effect on the selection of the style of coping with hepatitis C.   Conclusions: The results of the study confirm the need for psychotherapeutic actions with respect to patients with hepatitis C in order to help them cope with the chronic disease, because they most often chose style oriented on emotions and passivity. Psychological assistance should be provided especially for the group of patients who have difficulty with acceptance of the illness

    Psychological training in sports

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    The primary task of a coach in competitive sports is the support and guidance of athletes in their development to achieve the individual top level of performance. Therefore, coaches should acquire a working knowledge of all areas affiliated with performance enhancement. Psychological training is one pillar a today´s coach should be familiar with. This article illustrates some components with psychological background knowledge for consideration when applying psychological training. It is imperative for coaches to gain a familiarity with this often neglected facet of training in order to provide support and guidance for athletes on their way to achieve peak performance in competitions along their sports career. With this article science meets real life experience and thus it enhances the body of knowledge for coaches for new thoughts to train elite athletes

    Similarity of adaptogenic effects of bioactive naftussya water and phytocomposition “Balm Truskavets’”

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    Background. From previous studies, it is known about the adaptogenic properties of Naftussya bioactive water and the Ukrainian phytocomposition "Balm Truskavets’". Both adaptogens have a common component of the composition - polyphenols, which suggests the existence of similar effects on the parameters of the body responsible for adaptation. The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis. Material and methods. The object of clinical-physiological observation were 30 practically healthy individuals of both sexes with dysfunction of the neuro-endocrine-immune complex as a manifestation of maladaptation. Before and after a one-week course of using Balm (10 people) or Naftussya water (20 people), plasma levels of the main adaptation hormones, parameters of electroencephalogram (EEG), heart rate variability (HRV), phagocytosis, leukocytogram, as well as acupuncture and bioelectrophotonics were recorded. Results. 39 parameters (18 EEGs, 8 HRVs, 5 biophysical, 4 phagocytosis, as well as the Popovych’s leukocytary adaptation index, triiodothyronine, testosterone and cortisol) were identified, the physiologically favorable changes of which are common to both adaptogenic means. Conclusion. The influence of adaptogens of various nature on the state of adaptation of the body is non-specific and is implemented through the neuro-endocrine-immune complex

    Physical activity levels of people over 60

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    Introduction: Physical activity at any age brings numerous benefits. In youth, it strengthens and increases a person's overall physical fitness whereas in old age it improves well-being, inhibits the ageing process and sustains health. With systematic exercise it is possible to maintain physical fitness at a higher level compared to physically inactive people [1]. Physical activity is one of the factors that determines a person's state of health. Their ontogenesis is also a major element of a healthy lifestyle [2]. The human body was created for movement so, in order to function properly, it needs regular activities and physical exercise [3]. Regular physical activity influences the maintenance of functional fitness, independence and autonomy in performing daily activities in older age. Movement deficiency is a problem at any age, especially in seniors. Maintaining an active lifestyle among the elderly is a major component of successful ageing [4].  Aim of the study: The aim of the study was to assess the physical activity levels in people over 60 years old, and whether there is a correlation between sociodemographic factors, BMI and physical activity levels in the study group.  Material and method: The study was conducted remotely in July and August 2020 on people aged 60 and over. The study involved 77 people over 60 years of age: 63 women and 14 men. The research tool was the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). In the study group 69 people were aged 60-70 years and 8 people were aged 71-80 years.   Results: People over 60 years of age lead active lifestyles; seniors' physical activity is sufficient. BMI and socio-demographic factors do not affect the physical activity of older people.   Conclusions: The level of physical activity among the elderly covered by the study is sufficient. Sociodemographic factors and BMI do not determine the level of physical activity in the study group

    Glomerular filtration and diuresis are related to the state of lipids peroxidation in female rats exposed to water-salt loads accompanied by chronic stress

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    Background. It is known about the existence of close functional link between adequate working kidney nephrons and bone metabolism. Focused monitoring of renal function is able to provide substantial assistance in the organization of preventive measures against latently emerging osteoporosis. Activation of lipoperoxidation is known to inhibit glomerular filtration, whereas antioxidants prevent this. We set ourselves the goal of clarifying correlations between glomerular filtration, as well as tubular water reabsorption and daily diuresis, on the one hand, and lipoperoxidation parameters, on the other hand. Materials and Methods. Experiment was performed on 50 healthy female Wistar rats 240-290 g, both intact and exposed to water-salt loads. By the size of the diuresis and the level of creatinine in plasma and urine, glomerular filtration and tubular reabsorption were calculated. The plasma levels of diene conjugates and malondyaldehide as well as catalase of plasma and superoxide dismutase of erythrocytes were determined. The levels of the first three parameters determined in urine too. Results. In conditions of water-salt loads accompanied by chronic stress, glomerular filtration is downregulated by malondialdehyde and superoxide dismutase; diuresis is also downregulated by malondialdehyde, but upregulated by catalase. Lipoperoxidation parameters determine kidney function by 52,8%. Conclusion. The obtained data indicate the role of lipoperoxidation as a accompaniment of chronic stress in the regulation of kidney functions

    Health behaviors of patients with ischemic heart disease undergoing early cardiac rehabilitation in the age range of 45-60 years

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    Introduction and purpose of the work: Along with the development of civilization, civilization diseases appear, which take the form of the highest death rates, mainly in the field of cardiovascular diseases. It is largely related to the accumulation of negative consequences of improper health habits, as well as reduced physical activity. The aim of the study was to present the impact of health behaviors on the example of patients with ischemic heart disease treated with the CABG method, undergoing early cardiac rehabilitation at the "Równica" Health Resort in Ustroń, at the 2nd Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. Materials and methods: The study was conducted among 81 patients, after coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), rehabilitated at the 2nd Department of Early Cardiac Rehabilitation at the "Równica" Health Resort in Ustroń. The research was conducted from 10.2021 to 02.2022. The Health Behavior Inventory (IZZ) according to Juszczyński and an own questionnaire were used for the research. Research results: According to the data analysis, Proper Eating Habits scored the highest, followed by Preventive Behavior and Positive Mental Attitude, and the lowest - Health Practices. Conclusions: Based on the analysis of the conducted research, it can be concluded that people with ischemic heart disease do not care for their health properly. Women and the elderly, as well as physically active people, fare better in this respect