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    Noteworthy lichenicolous fungi and lichens from Russia

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    Notes are presented on seven species of lichenicolous, non-lichenized and lichenized fungi found in the Asian part of Russia. Endococcus pseudocarpus is reported for the first time for Northern Asia as well as for the Irkutsk Region of Russia. Plectocarpon hypogymniae and P. nephromeum are reported new to the Irkutsk Region, Taeniolella diploschistis new to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Steinia geophana new to Chukotka Autonomous Area, and Epigloea soleiformis new to the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Russia. Hypogymnia physodes is reported as a new host species for Plectocarpon hypogymniae

    Perigrapha cetrariae, a new lichenicolous ascomycete on Cetraria from Japan

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    Perigrapha cetrariae growing on Cetraria laevigata is described from Japan. The new species differs from the generic type in having loculi completely embedded in a stroma and ascospores without caudate appendages

    Lichenicolous fungi from Far East of Russia

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    Twenty three species of lichenicolous fungi are newly reported for Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia. Lichenostigma chlaroterae, Nectriopsis physciicola and Sphaerellothecium gallowayi are new to Russia and Asia; Trichonectria rubefaciens is new to Asia; Xenonectriella leptaleae is new to Asian Russia; Lichenostigma cosmopolites and Marchandiomyces corallinus are new to Far Eastern Federal District of Russia. Nectriopsis physciicola is newly documented on Heterodermia, Ovicuculispora parmeliae on Anaptychia, Pyxine and Rinodina, Trichonectria rubefaciens on Myelochroa and Xenonectriella leptaleae on Heterodermia.

    Lichenicolous fungi from the Komi Republic of Russia. II

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    A total of 23 species of lichenicolous fungi is reported from the Komi Republic of Russia, including 10 new to the republic. Physcia is a new host genus for Sphaerellothecium reticulatum.

    Lichenicolous fungi from Kodar Range, Trans-Baikal Territory of Russia

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    Sixty three species of lichenicolous and allied fungi are reported, 47 of which are new to Trans-Baikal Territory of Russia. A presumably undescribed Llimoniella-like discomycete on Protoblastenia terricola is illustrated and discussed. Plectocarpon melanohaleae is first recorded in the northern hemisphere. Diplolaeviopsis ranula, Endococcus alectoriae, E. verrucisporus, Epigloea filifera, Sagediopsis fissurisedens and Talpapellis peltigerae var. peltigerae are new to Russia and Asia. Endococcus macrosporus is new to Russia. Lichenostigma rupicolae, Opegrapha geographicola and Unguiculariopsis lettaui are new to Siberia. Arthonia molendoi, Dactylospora glaucomarioides, Didymocyrtis consimilis, Epibryon conductrix, Muellerella lichenicola, Phaeospora cf. rimosicola, Sagediopsis aspiciliae, S. pertusariicola, Sphaerellothecium contextum, Stigmidium conspurcans, S. mitchellii, S. solorinarium and Talpapellis peltigerae are new to South Siberia. Cercidospora thamnoliae and Sagediopsis pertusariicola are first reported outside the Arctic. Athallia is a new host genus for Didymocyrtis consimilis and Bryoria for Endococcus alectoriae. The following new host species are registered: Pertusaria geminipara for Dactylospora deminuta, Calvitimela talayana for Endococcus propinquus s. l., Bryoria simplicior for Lichenostigma maureri and Melanohalea olivacea for Plectocarpon melanohaleae

    A new species, Sagediopsis vasilyevae, and other lichenicolous fungi from Zabaikal’skii Territory of Russia, southern Siberia

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    Thirty seven species of lichenicolous fungi are reported from southern Siberia. Sagediopsis vasilyevae (on Rhizocarpon inarense) is described as new to science. Rosellinula haplospora is new to Russia. Abrothallus peyritschii, Arthonia apotheciorum and Lichenostigma cosmopolites are new to Siberia. Cetraria is a new host genus for Stigmidium microcarpum. Ameroconium cladoniae and Plectocarpon hypogymniae are newly documented on Cladonia alaskana and Hypogymnia tubulosa correspondingly.

    Melaspilea galligena sp. nov. and some other lichenicolous fungi from Russia

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    Thirty species of lichenicolous fungi are reported, many being new to various regions of Russia. Melaspilea galligena sp. nov. growing on Pertusaria cf. cribellata is described from Russian Far East. A possibly new lichenicolous Toninia species (on Parmelina tiliacea) and a species of Arthonia (on Cladonia) with 1–2-septate ascospores resembling poorly known A. lepidophila are described, illustrated and discussed. Dactylospora suburceolata is reported new to Russia and Asia, growing on a new host species Mycobilimbia carneoalbida. Tremella cetrariicola is new to Siberia and Clypeococcum cetrariae is newly documented on Vulpicida.

    Trimmatostroma commonii, a new lichenicolous hyphomycete inhabiting Graphidaceae hosts

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    The new lichenicolous hyphomycete Trimmatostroma commonii is described from Réunion, the USA (Florida) and Vietnam. It strongly resembles the generic type T. salicis, from which it is distinguished by much looser conidiomatal tufts, less septate conidia and the lichenicolous habitat, growing over species of Graphidaceae in the tropics

    Dactylospora anziae, a new lichenicolous ascomycete on Anzia from East Asia

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    Dactylospora anziae growing on species of Anzia is described from Russia and Japan

    A fi rst list of lichenicolous fungi from India

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    Abstract. Th irty six species of lichenicolous fungi are reported from India, all but one being new to the country. Endococcus incrassatus and Monodictys epilepraria are new to Asia. Endocarpon and Melanelixia are new host genera for Endococcus incrassatus and Lichenoconium xanthoriae respectively. Cladosporium licheniphilum is for the fi rst time reported on Xanthoria candelaria, as is Corticifraga peltigerae on Peltigera elisabethae and P. ponojensis, and Nectriopsis lecanodes on Peltigera elisabethae and P. scabrosa. Two possibly undescribed species of lichenicolous fungi, viz. Cercidospora sp. on Lecanora sp. and Lichenostigma subgen. Lichenogramma sp. on Seirophora contortuplicata, are briefl y described and discussed. Host lichens Peltigera ponojensis, P. scabrosa and Seirophora contortuplicata are new to India