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    Crystal gamma-ray detectors for high-energy physics

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    This report reviews the design characteristics of crystal gamma ray detectors for high energy physics. The unique physics capability of these detectors is the result of their excellent energy resolution, uniform hermetic coverage and fine granularity. To maintain crystal's resolution in situ radiation hardness is a principle requirement. The performance of various heavy crystal scintillators is discussed. A technical approach to solve radiation damage problem by optical bleaching in situ is elaborated

    Large size LYSO crystals for future high energy physics experiments

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    Because of their high stopping power and fast bright scintillation, cerium doped silicate based heavy crystal scintillators, such as GSO, LSO, and LYSO, have been developed for medical instruments. Their applications in high energy and nuclear physics, however, are limited by lacking high quality crystals in sufficiently large size. The optical and scintillation properties, including the transmittance, emission and excitation spectra and the light output, decay kinetics and light response uniformity, as well as their degradation under /spl gamma/-ray irradiation were measured for two long (2.5/spl times/2.5/spl times/20 cm) LYSO samples from CPI and Saint-Gobain, and were compared to a BGO sample of the same size from SIC. Possible applications for crystal calorimetry in future high energy and nuclear physics experiments are discussed

    Precision crystal calorimeters in high-energy physics: past, present, and future

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    Precision crystal calorimeter traditionally plays an important role in experimental high energy physics. In the last two decades, it faces a challenge to maintain its precision in a hostile radiation environment. This paper reviews the performance of crystal calorimeters constructed for high energy physics experiment and the progress achieved in understanding crystal's radiation damage and in developing high quality scintillating crystals. Future crystal calorimeters, such as a LSO and LYSO calorimeter and homogeneous hadronic calorimeter, being considered for experimental particle physics is also discussed

    A Very Compact Crystal Shashlik Electromagnetic Calorimeter for Future HEP Experiments

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    A very compact crystal based shashlik calorimeter is proposed for future HEP experiments in an extreme harsh radiation environment, such as the proposed HL-LHC. Thin crystal plates are used as the sensitive medium to reduce the light path length and thus the radiation damage effects and the calorimeter cost. A design of such a calorimeter uses tungsten as absorber, LYSO crystals as active medium, and liquid scintillator filled quartz capillaries as WLS to transport scintillating light to photodetectors. Initial calorimeter design and performance of prototype modules are presented. Possible optimizations are discussed

    Ultrafast and Radiation Hard Inorganic Scintillators for Future HEP Experiments

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    Future HEP experiments at the energy and intensity frontiers require fast and ultrafast inorganic scintillators with excellent radiation hardness to face the challenges of unprecedented event rate and severe radiation environment. This paper reports recent progresses in fast and ultrafast inorganic scintillators, such as LYSO:Ce crystals and LuAG:Ce ceramics for an inorganic scintillator based shashlik sampling calorimeter and yttrium doped BaF_2 crystals for the proposed Mu2e-II experiment. Applications of ultrafast inorganic scintillators in Gigahertz hard X-ray imaging will also be discussed