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    Pervasive computing at tableside : a wireless web-based ordering system

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    Purpose &ndash; The purpose of this paper is to introduce a wireless web-based ordering system called iMenu in the restaurant industry. Design/methodology/approach &ndash; By using wireless devices such as personal digital assistants and WebPads, this system realizes the paradigm of pervasive computing at tableside. Detailed system requirements, design, implementation and evaluation of iMenu are presented.Findings &ndash; The evaluation of iMenu shows it explicitly increases productivity of restaurant staff. It also has other desirable features such as integration, interoperation and scalability. Compared to traditional restaurant ordering process, by using this system customers get faster and better services, restaurant staff cooperate more efficiently with less working mistakes, and enterprise owners thus receive more business profits. Originality/value &ndash; While many researchers have explored using wireless web-based information systems in different industries, this paper presents a system that employs wireless multi-tiered web-based architecture to build pervasive computing systems. Instead of discussing theoretical issues on pervasive computing, we focus on practical issues of developing a real system, such as choosing of web-based architecture, design of input methods in small screens, and response time in wireless web-based systems.<br /

    Extreme Analysis of a Non-convex and Nonlinear Functional of Gaussian Processes -- On the Tail Asymptotics of Random Ordinary Differential Equations

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    In this paper, we consider a stochastic system described by a differential equation admitting a spatially varying random coefficient. The differential equation has been employed to model various static physics systems such as elastic deformation, water flow, electric-magnetic fields, temperature distribution, etc. A random coefficient is introduced to account for the system's uncertainty and/or imperfect measurements. This random coefficient is described by a Gaussian process (the input process) and thus the solution to the differential equation (under certain boundary conditions) is a complexed functional of the input Gaussian process. In this paper, we focus the analysis on the one-dimensional case and derive asymptotic approximations of the tail probabilities of the solution to the equation that has various physics interpretations under different contexts. This analysis rests on the literature of the extreme analysis of Gaussian processes (such as the tail approximations of the supremum) and extends the analysis to more complexed functionals.Comment: supplementary material is include

    Neuron impairment or loss in brain may be responsible for type 2 diabetes and essential hypertension

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    Type 2 diabetes and essential hypertension are both very common chronic diseases. Type 2 diabetes is often associated with hypertension, but the exact causes of them are unknown. Here, based on recent investigations, we will look at the pathogenesis of these two diseases in a new light