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    On global uniqueness for an IBVP for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations

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    In this paper we prove uniqueness for an inverse boundary value problem (IBVP) arising in electrodynamics. We assume that the electromagnetic properties of the medium, namely the magnetic permeability, the electric permittivity and the conductivity, are described by continuously differentiable functions

    Classification under Streaming Emerging New Classes: A Solution using Completely Random Trees

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    This paper investigates an important problem in stream mining, i.e., classification under streaming emerging new classes or SENC. The common approach is to treat it as a classification problem and solve it using either a supervised learner or a semi-supervised learner. We propose an alternative approach by using unsupervised learning as the basis to solve this problem. The SENC problem can be decomposed into three sub problems: detecting emerging new classes, classifying for known classes, and updating models to enable classification of instances of the new class and detection of more emerging new classes. The proposed method employs completely random trees which have been shown to work well in unsupervised learning and supervised learning independently in the literature. This is the first time, as far as we know, that completely random trees are used as a single common core to solve all three sub problems: unsupervised learning, supervised learning and model update in data streams. We show that the proposed unsupervised-learning-focused method often achieves significantly better outcomes than existing classification-focused methods