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    The Public and Its Problem: Dewey, Habermas, and Levinas

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    The question of who defines the public in public education in a democratic society is a tricky one. It is tricky because the answer appears deceivingly obvious, but it is also deeply difficult. In a democratic society, the decisions about public education seem, by default, to be made by all people: concerned citizens, parents, or those who live within the borders of the district/state/nation, and who, presumably, share certain common values, interests, or purposes related to the future of the children and the place

    Integral restriction for bilinear operators

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    We consider the integral domain restriction operator TΩ for certain bilinear operator T. We obtain that if (s, p1, p2) satisfies 1 p1+ 1 p2 ≥ 2 min{1,s} and kTkLp1 ×Lp2→Ls 1 min{1,s}
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