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    Text Coherence Analysis Based on Deep Neural Network

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    In this paper, we propose a novel deep coherence model (DCM) using a convolutional neural network architecture to capture the text coherence. The text coherence problem is investigated with a new perspective of learning sentence distributional representation and text coherence modeling simultaneously. In particular, the model captures the interactions between sentences by computing the similarities of their distributional representations. Further, it can be easily trained in an end-to-end fashion. The proposed model is evaluated on a standard Sentence Ordering task. The experimental results demonstrate its effectiveness and promise in coherence assessment showing a significant improvement over the state-of-the-art by a wide margin.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, CIKM 201

    Global Perspective or Local Knowledge: The Macro-Information in the Sovereign CDS Market

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    This paper shows that sovereign CDS spreads can predict future stock index returns, sovereign bond yields, as well as real macroeconomic variables such as GDP and PMI. The predictive power comes almost entirely from the global, rather than country-specific, component of sovereign CDS spreads. This is consistent with the interpretation that the information advantage of sovereign CDS investors is derived from their global perspective rather than their local knowledge about individual countries. Stock and sovereign bond market indices gradually “catch up” with sovereign CDS spreads, mostly during the days surrounding credit rating or outlook changes, and especially for downgrades

    Under-reaction in the Sovereign CDS Market

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    The sovereign CDS market has been growing rapidly in recent years, with a gross notional amount of around 2 trillion dollars in 2015. We document a strong momentum effect in this market. Its unique feature is that this momentum strategy returns are positively skewed and higher during recessions. Hence, this effect cannot be attributed to momentum crash risk or exposure to business cycles. Our evidence is consistent with the interpretation that the effect is due to investors’ initial underreaction to sovereign credit information followed by corrections, especially during public announcements of credit rating or outlook changes of the underlying countries

    Nonlinear two-dimensional terahertz photon echo and rotational spectroscopy in the gas phase

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    Ultrafast two-dimensional spectroscopy utilizes correlated multiple light-matter interactions for retrieving dynamic features that may otherwise be hidden under the linear spectrum. Its extension to the terahertz regime of the electromagnetic spectrum, where a rich variety of material degrees of freedom reside, remains an experimental challenge. Here we report ultrafast two-dimensional terahertz spectroscopy of gas-phase molecular rotors at room temperature. Using time-delayed terahertz pulse pairs, we observe photon echoes and other nonlinear signals resulting from molecular dipole orientation induced by three terahertz field-dipole interactions. The nonlinear time-domain orientation signals are mapped into the frequency domain in two-dimensional rotational spectra which reveal J-state-resolved nonlinear rotational dynamics. The approach enables direct observation of correlated rotational transitions and may reveal rotational coupling and relaxation pathways in the ground electronic and vibrational state.Comment: 31 pages, 14 figure

    A Test Case Generation Method for Workflow Systems Based on I/O_WF_Net

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    At present, the testing of the workflow system is mainly based on manual testing, and the functions of only some tools are relatively simple. The design of test cases mainly depends on the experience of testers, which makes the lack of test coverage. In this paper, a test case generation method based on the I/O_WF_Net model is proposed. A test case generation algorithm that satisfies the process branch coverage criterion is designed, which solves the problem of automatic test case generation for workflow systems. The algorithm divides the model according to "split-merge pairs" to generate a decomposition tree of the model, and then traverses the tree to generate test cases. A workflow system modelling and test case generation tool are designed and implemented, and an actual workflow system is used as the experimental object to verify the effectiveness of the method

    Application of the fractal theory for evaluating effects of coal comminution by waterjet

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    © 2014, The Author(s).Comminution of coal to ultrafine sizes by high-pressure waterjet provides a novel method for preparation of coal-water fuels for next generation, near-zero emission electric power generation. The particle size distribution (PSD) of ground coal is a key parameter in the preparation of slurries as it determines the settling behavior of the particles and viscosity of the coal-water mixture. There are several methods available for representation and evaluation of particle size analysis data. However, fractal theory provides a means by which the entire PSD of comminuted materials can be quantified by using of a specific and exact value. In this paper, a volume-based fractal model was deduced to characterize the PSD of the coal which is ground in a specially designed comminution cell. During the size reduction process, the inlet pressures up to 276 MPa were used

    A genetic linkage map of Japanese scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis based on amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) and microsatellite (SSR) markers

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    A genetic linkage map of the Japanese scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis was constructed based on 302 markers, including 263 amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers and 39 microsatellite (SSR) markers. The two parental maps were constructed according to the double pseudo-test cross strategy with an F1 progeny of 115 individuals. In the maternal parent, 163 markers were assigned in 20 linkage groups, spanning a total coverage of 2184.9 cM with the average spacing between two adjacent markers was 15.3 cM. In the paternal parent, 155 markers were also mapped into 20 linkage groups, spanning a genetic length of 1882.4 cM with the average marker density of 13.9 cM, respectively. The coverage estimated for the framework maps were 78.3% for the female and 77% for the male without minor linkage groups. Five full alignment linkage groups and four homologous linkage groups could be identified based on the position of 16 high information content SSRs which segregated in the parents. The construction of the M. yessoensis genetic linkage maps here was a part of a genetic breeding program. This linkage map will contribute to the discovery of genes, comparative genomics and quantitative trait loci in Japanese scallop.Keywords: SSR, AFLP, genetic linkage map, Mizuhopecten yessoensi