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    Towards Domain-Independent and Real-Time Gesture Recognition Using mmWave Signal

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    Human gesture recognition using millimeter wave (mmWave) signals provides attractive applications including smart home and in-car interface. While existing works achieve promising performance under controlled settings, practical applications are still limited due to the need of intensive data collection, extra training efforts when adapting to new domains (i.e. environments, persons and locations) and poor performance for real-time recognition. In this paper, we propose DI-Gesture, a domain-independent and real-time mmWave gesture recognition system. Specifically, we first derive the signal variation corresponding to human gestures with spatial-temporal processing. To enhance the robustness of the system and reduce data collecting efforts, we design a data augmentation framework based on the correlation between signal patterns and gesture variations. Furthermore, we propose a dynamic window mechanism to perform gesture segmentation automatically and accurately, thus enable real-time recognition. Finally, we build a lightweight neural network to extract spatial-temporal information from the data for gesture classification. Extensive experimental results show DI-Gesture achieves an average accuracy of 97.92%, 99.18% and 98.76% for new users, environments and locations, respectively. In real-time scenario, the accuracy of DI-Gesutre reaches over 97% with average inference time of 2.87ms, which demonstrates the superior robustness and effectiveness of our system.Comment: The paper is submitted to the journal of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. And it is still under revie