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    Dynamic Properties of Molecular Motors in Burnt-Bridge Models

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    Dynamic properties of molecular motors that fuel their motion by actively interacting with underlying molecular tracks are studied theoretically via discrete-state stochastic ``burnt-bridge'' models. The transport of the particles is viewed as an effective diffusion along one-dimensional lattices with periodically distributed weak links. When an unbiased random walker passes the weak link it can be destroyed (``burned'') with probability p, providing a bias in the motion of the molecular motor. A new theoretical approach that allows one to calculate exactly all dynamic properties of motor proteins, such as velocity and dispersion, at general conditions is presented. It is found that dispersion is a decreasing function of the concentration of bridges, while the dependence of dispersion on the burning probability is more complex. Our calculations also show a gap in dispersion for very low concentrations of weak links which indicates a dynamic phase transition between unbiased and biased diffusion regimes. Theoretical findings are supported by Monte Carlo computer simulations.Comment: 14 pages. Submitted to J. Stat. Mec

    Studying the influence of functional ingredients on the vitamin composition of immunostimulating pastille of marmalade products

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    The study of functional ingredients to change the composition of water-soluble vitamins in the developed pastille of marmalade products was studied. The large concentration of riboflavin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic and ascorbic acids, pyridoxine was observed in the sample with the addition of 1% Hypericum, which shows that the high content of these vitamins in the herb (Hypericum olympicum). The vitamin composition of marmalade samples with the addition of various functional oils has been studied. In these samples, as in the control sample, thiamine chloride was not detected, which is supposed to be due to the influence of technological processing modes when obtaining oils. According to the content of riboflavin, nicotinic acid and pantothenic acids, the sample with walnut oil prevailed, corresponded to 0.06, 0.011 and 0.12 mg/100 g. In the sample with Hypericum oil, 0.011 mg/100 g of nicotinic acid and 0.1 mg/100 g of pantothenic acid were found more. The sample with milk thistle oil contained more riboflavin 0.068 mg/100 g, pyridoxine 0.158 mg/100 g, folic acid 0.08 mg/100 g. There was more ascorbic acid in the sample with the addition of Hypericum oil and amounted to 0.145 mg/100 g. According to the results of a comparative analysis of water-soluble vitamins, it is recommended for use in the preparation of marmalade products: Hypericum in the form of a herbal component, including in combination with aerial parts of sea buckthorn; oils of walnut plants, milk thistle, Hypericum wort, sea buckthorn

    The study of the influence of plant additives on increasing the food and biological value of soft waffles

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    Currently there is an acute shortage of fibres and proteins in the human diet, resulting in various diseases. The modern market needs a product capable of diversifying the range in the sector of functional, dietary flour confectionery. To this end, the article shows one of the ways to improve the macronutrient composition of waffles, especially with regard to the protein-carbohydrate component of the product. Laboratory analysis showed that the introduction of pea protein, chicory root syrup and apple fiber into the composition of flour and confectionery increased protein content by 3.3% in wafers made of rice flour only and by 5.6% in waffles made of a mixture of whole grains and rice flour. The amount of sucrose decreased in «Rice» waffles by 2.6% and by 2.3% in «Wheat-rice» waffles, and the amount of fiber on average is 3-4 times more, compared to the control sample. In comparison with the control sample, increased the average number of essential amino acids such as: lysine – in 1.5 times; phenylalanine – in 1.25 times; leucine and isoleucine – in 0.8 times; methionine – in 1.5 times, threonine – in 3 times. Thus, the study resulted in the development of dietary plant based soft waffles with improved macronutrient composition, able to expand the range of functional products and can be recommended for dietary nutrition

    Research of the vitamin composition of medicinal herbs in the development of immunostimulating confectionery products

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    This article reflects the results of a study of the content of vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants in medicinal raw materials of local origin (licorice root, St. rose hips, flax seeds) in order to study their beneficial properties as a component for marmalade products that have an immunostimulating effect. According to laboratory studies, the largest amount of polyphenols is found in the leaves of sea buckthorn and St. John's wort (60.02% and 12.82%, respectively), antioxidants (3.61 mg / 100 g and 2.49 mg / 100 g) and most of the B vitamins (В₂ in sea buckthorn leaves 0.777 mg / 100 g, and in St. John's wort 0.088 mg / 100 g, В₅ - 1.506 mg / 100 g and 0.061 mg / 100 g, respectively, В₆ - 0.680 mg / 100 g in sea buckthorn leaves and 0.427 mg / 100 g in St. John's wort). A high content of vitamin C was found in rose hips (4.355 mg / 100g) and St. John's wort (4.314 mg / 100g). In the leaves of sea buckthorn, the content of ascorbic acid is 1.409 mg / 100 g, which is 67% less compared to St. John's wort. In this regard, it follows that the most promising raw materials for imparting an immunostimulating effect to marmalade confectionery products are sea buckthorn leaves and St. John's wort

    Nurses' perceptions of aids and obstacles to the provision of optimal end of life care in ICU

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    Рассмотрена проблема исследования экзистенциального выбора человека. На основе анализа литературных источников по этому вопросу, а также лонгитюдных эмпирических исследований предлагается ряд методов и методик, адаптированных под задачи изучения такого конструкта как «экзистенциальный выбор».Розглянуто проблему дослідження екзистенціального вибору людини. На основі аналізу літературних джерел з цього питання, а також лонгітюдних емпіричних досліджень запропоновано низку методів та методик, адаптованих під задачі вивчення такого конструкту, як «екзистенціальний вибір».The  problem  of  the  existential  choice  of  the  subject  is  analyzed  in  the  article. A number of methods and techniques, adapted for the research of the “existential choice” as a construct, are proposed on the base of the scienti?c sources and longitudinal survey in this ?eld

    Charm meson production in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC in HYDJET++ model

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    The phenomenological analysis of J/ψ and D meson production in Pb–Pb collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 2.76 TeV per nucleon pair is fulfilled in the framework of the two-component HYDJET++ model, which includes the thermal and nonthermal production mechanisms. A significant fraction of D-mesons is found to be in a kinetic equilibrium with the created matter, while J/ψ-mesons are characterized by earlier (as compared to light hadrons) freeze-out