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    The model of drying sessile drop of colloidal solution

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    We have proposed and investigated a model of drying colloidal suspension drop placed onto a horizontal substrate in which the sol to gel phase transition occurs. The temporal evolution of volume fraction of the solute and the gel phase dynamics were obtained from numerical simulations. Our model takes into account the fact that some physical quantities are dependent on volume fraction of the colloidal particles.Comment: Submitted to IJMP

    On Semigroups of Large Particle Systems and their Scaling Asymptotic Behavior

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    We consider semigroups of operators for hierarchies of evolution equations of large particle systems, namely, of the dual BBGKY hierarchy for marginal observables and the BBGKY hierarchy for marginal distribution functions. We establish that the generating operators of the expansions for one-parametric families of operators of these hierarchies are the corresponding order cumulants (semi-invariants) of semigroups for the Liouville equations. We also apply constructed semigroups to the description of the kinetic evolution of interacting stochastic Markovian processes, modeling the microscopic evolution of soft active matter. For this purpose we consider the mean field asymptotic behavior of the semigroup generated by the dual BBGKY hierarchy for marginal observables. The constructed scaling limit is governed by the set of recurrence evolution equations, namely, by the Vlasov-type dual hierarchy. Moreover, the relationships of this hierarchy of evolution equations with the Vlasov-type kinetic equation with initial correlations are established.Comment: 17 pages. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1308.450