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    Electrophoretogram of nrDNA-ITS PCR products.

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    <p>M: 100 bp DNA ladder marker. Lanes 1–5: Badila, VN cattle cane, Loethers, Crystalina, Cheribon, respectively, belong to <i>S</i>. <i>officinarum</i>. Lanes 6–10: 57NG208, 51NG63, NG77-004, 28NG21, Daye, respectively, belong to <i>S</i>. <i>robustum</i>. Lanes 11–20: YN75-2-11, YN82-110, YN83-160, FJ89-1-1, YN83-201, YN82-44, YN83-171, GZ78-2-28, FJ88-1-13, FJ89-1-19, respectively, belong to <i>S</i>. <i>spontaneum</i>.</p

    GISH analysis of the F<sub>1</sub> hybrids and BC<sub>1</sub> progeny.

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    <p><i>Saccharum</i> spp. chromosomes were visualized in red and <i>E</i>. <i>arundinaceus</i> chromosomes in green. (A) YCE 96-66 (F<sub>1</sub>): 29 chromosomes from <i>E</i>. <i>arundinaceus</i> and 40 chromosomes from <i>Saccharum</i> spp.; (B) YCE 01–102 (BC<sub>1</sub>): 22 chromosomes from <i>E</i>. <i>arundinaceus</i> and 96 chromosomes from <i>Saccharum</i> spp.; (C) YCE 01–36 (BC<sub>1</sub>): 36 chromosomes from <i>E</i>. <i>arundinaceus</i>, 96 chromosomes from <i>Saccharum</i> spp. and one terminally translocated chromosome; (D) YCE 01–61 (BC<sub>1</sub>): 31 chromosomes from <i>E</i>. <i>arundinaceus</i> and 85 chromosomes from <i>Saccharum</i> spp.; (E) YCE 01–69 (BC<sub>1</sub>): 31 chromosomes from <i>E</i>. <i>arundinaceus</i> and 88 chromosomes from <i>Saccharum</i> spp.; (F) YCE 01–92 (BC<sub>1</sub>): 35 chromosomes from <i>E</i>. <i>arundinaceus</i>, 95 chromosomes from <i>Saccharum</i> spp. and one terminally translocated chromosome. The arrowhead in <a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0110390#pone-0110390-g001" target="_blank">Figure 1C</a> and <a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0110390#pone-0110390-g001" target="_blank">Figure 1F</a> shows the translocated chromosome. Scale bars: 5 µm.</p

    Comparison of putative TIS of different plants.

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    <p>The respective accession numbers: Yunnan82-114 (<i>S</i>. <i>spontaneum</i>) KX254601; 51NG3 (<i>S</i>. <i>robustum</i>) KX254591; Luohanzhe (<i>S</i>. <i>officinarum</i>) KX254598; <i>O</i>. <i>sativa</i> X54194; <i>Z</i>. <i>mays</i> X03990; <i>S</i>. <i>cereale</i> M37231; <i>T</i>. <i>aestivum</i> AJ315040; <i>M</i>. <i>sinensis</i> AJ238126; <i>C</i>. <i>sativus</i> X51542; <i>C</i>. <i>maxima</i> M28700; <i>C</i>. <i>pepo</i> X55960; <i>V</i>. <i>radiata</i> X17211; <i>V</i>. <i>faba</i> X16615; <i>S</i>. <i>mexicana</i> AJ489509; <i>B</i>. <i>juncea</i> X73032; <i>B</i>. <i>rapa</i> S78172; <i>B</i>. <i>oleracea</i> X60324; <i>A</i>. <i>thaliana</i> X52631; <i>R</i>. <i>sativus</i> Z11677; <i>N</i>. <i>tabacum</i> Y08422; <i>S</i>. <i>lycopersicum</i> AY366528; <i>S</i>. <i>tuberosum</i> AF464863; <i>C</i>. <i>annuum</i> HM352915; <i>O</i>. <i>europaea</i> AJ865373; <i>P</i>. <i>granatum</i> JX121275; <i>F</i>. <i>sylvatica</i> KC700362; <i>Q</i>. <i>suber</i> AY428812; <i>Q</i>. <i>petraea</i> EU555524; <i>Q</i>. <i>robur</i> EF208969.</p

    Canonical structural organization of the IGS regions in (A) Yunnan82-114 (<i>S</i>. <i>spontaneum</i>), (B) 51NG3 (<i>S</i>. <i>robustum</i>) and (C) Luohanzhe (<i>S</i>. <i>officinarum</i>).

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    <p>IGS: intergenic spacer; TTS: transcription termination site; NTS: non-transcribed spacer; TIS: transcription initiation site; ETS: external transcribed sequence; SR: sub-repeat. CpG island: cytosine-guanine island.</p

    Analysis of nrDNA-ITS sequences.

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    <p>“······” represents sequences that are identical to that of Badila. Only base mutations are shown.</p

    Chromosome composition of F<sub>1</sub> hybrids and BC<sub>1</sub> progeny.

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    <p><b>Note:</b> The modal number of chromosomes is presented for the sugarcane clones analysed, since small variation of chromosome counts can occur due to the loss or the overlapping of a few chromosomes from the preparation.</p><p>Chromosome composition of F<sub>1</sub> hybrids and BC<sub>1</sub> progeny.</p