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    The structure of invertible substitutions on a three-letter alphabet

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    AbstractWe study the structure of invertible substitutions on three-letter alphabet. We show that there exists a finite set S of invertible substitutions such that any invertible substitution can be written as Iw∘σ1∘σ2∘⋯∘σk, where Iw is the inner automorphism associated with w, and σj∈S for 1⩽j⩽k. As a consequence, M is the matrix of an invertible substitution if and only if it is a finite product of non-negative elementary matrices

    Advances in the Bacteriophage-Based Precise Identification and Magnetic Relaxation Switch Sensor for Rapid Detection of Foodborne Pathogens

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    The development of novel and highly specific technologies for the rapid and sensitive detection of foodborne pathogens is very important for disease prevention and control. Bacteriophages can recognize viable and unviable bacteria, replacing antibodies as the recognition element in the immune response, which are currently being widely developed in novel precise identification biosensors. Magnetic relaxation switch sensors based on the magnetic relaxation signal has been used to construct a variety of background-free novel biosensors in recent years, which can realize rapid detection of foodborne pathogens. This chapter will mainly introduce the latest developments and future prospects of bacteriophages in the field of accurate identifications for foodborne pathogens. At the same time, it will introduce the research progress and development direction of novel magnetic relaxation switch sensors for detecting foodborne pathogens
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