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    Meson spectroscopy at the Tevatron

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    The Tevatron experiments have each accumulated about 6 \ifb good data since the start of RUN II. This large dataset provided good opportunities for meson spectroscopy studies at the Tevatron. This article will cover the recent new Υ(nS)\Upsilon(nS) polarization studies as well as exotic meson spectroscopy studies.Comment: 7 pages, 9 figures, Hadron 2009 conferenc

    Search for Single and Pair-Production of Dijet Resonances with the CMS Detector

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    Searches for new physics in the single and paired dijet mass spectrum are performed using data collected by the CMS experiment at the LHC at a collision energy of sqrt{s}=7 or sqrt{s}=8 TeV. No evidence for new physics is found and upper limits are set for various models. At 95% confidence level, a string resonance in the single dijet spectrum is excluded for masses between 1 and 4.7 TeV and, for the first time, a coloron in the paired dijet spectrum is excluded for masses between 250 and 740 GeV.Comment: Proceedings submitted to Kruger 2012 conferenc