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    A Cross-linguistic Form and Meaning Priming Study on Mandarin Chinese Multilingual Speakers

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    Linguistics - Master's ThesisMAHF-LINGLING35

    Trimmed Mean Group Estimation of Average Treatment Effects in Ultra Short T Panels under Correlated Heterogeneity

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    Under correlated heterogeneity, the commonly used two-way fixed effects estimator is biased and can lead to misleading inference. This paper proposes a new trimmed mean group (TMG) estimator which is consistent at the irregular rate of n^{1/3} even if the time dimension of the panel is as small as the number of its regressors. Extensions to panels with time effects are provided, and a Hausman-type test of correlated heterogeneity is proposed. Small sample properties of the TMG estimator (with and without time effects) are investigated by Monte Carlo experiments and shown to be satisfactory and perform better than other trimmed estimators proposed in the literature. The proposed test of correlated heterogeneity is also shown to have the correct size and satisfactory power. The utility of the TMG approach is illustrated with an empirical application

    ハイブリッドペプチドを用いたInterleukin-4 Receptor αを標的とした効果的な抗癌療法

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    京都大学0048新制・課程博士博士(医学)甲第18157号医博第3877号新制||医||1003(附属図書館)31015京都大学大学院医学研究科医学専攻(主査)教授 武藤 学, 教授 清水 章, 教授 生田 宏一学位規則第4条第1項該当Doctor of Medical ScienceKyoto UniversityDFA

    Advances in Bioreactor Scale-Down Modeling Using Process Analytical Technology

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    A bioreactor scale-down model is an essential element in process development and commercialization. In this poster presentation, key strategies in bioreactor scale-down model development and characterization will be discussed. A 4-Liter bioreactor scale-down model was developed to emulate a 15,000-Liter commercial scale bioreactor. Mass transfer characterization studies were conducted for the 15,000-Liter bioreactor, from which the results were summarized and utilized to guide scale-down model development / characterization. Case studies are shown where scale-down model representativeness is enhanced by implementing PAT. Specifically, automated dissolved carbon dioxide (pCO2) control was implemented during scale-down model development in order to establish a more representative scale-down model. Establishing pCO2 control with a feedback control loop significantly enhanced the ability of the scale-down bioreactor model to perform comparably with the 15,000 L commercial bioreactor


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    SUMMARY - In order to promote the development of weightlifting exercises of woman, the receive-stresses condition of trial lift at each moment were analyzed by using high-speed photographic method, the stresses distributions and the relationship between stresses on bone and lifting weight were studied. In the meantime, we investigated 75 woman weightlifting players from the whole country, the growth capacities of height are compared with the same age section of female, more over the reality heights are contrasted with the high of attainable in the light of heredity genetic factor. The result shows: Although the stresses in depth of trial lift on bone is more than ordinary person, the stimulation of stresses may play an important part in the growth of bone, that is within regular sphere, the stresses can promote the growth of bone. Of 75 woman players through 4 years training, the average growth capacity of height every years is 0.78 cm, which belongs normal sphere and reaches the heights in the light of heredity gene calculating. So weightlifting training doesn't hamper the growth of height, and it may play a positive role in that. Main reference. 1. Chinese physical quality and healthy research - Chinese Education publishing House 2 . The biomechanical basis of bone sys- tem - Xue Lin publishing House

    RVM-based adaboost scheme for stator interturn faults of the induction motor

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    This paper presents an AdaBoost method based on RVM (Relevance Vector Machine) to detect and locate an interturn short circuit fault in the stator windings of IM (Induction Machine). This method is achieved through constructing an Adaboost combined with a weak RVM multiclassifier based on a binary tree, and the fault features are extracted from the three phase shifts between the line current and the phase voltage of IM by establishing a global stator faulty model. The simulation results show that, compared with other competitors, the proposed method has a higher precision and a stronger generalization capability, and it can accurately detect and locate an interturn short circuit fault, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed method