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    The aerospace developments concept

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    The viability of using airships for the transport of natural gas, and the initial design of such a system, the airship and its associated subsystems together with a continuing economic analysis of the project were investigated. Investigations, on a funded basis, were also carried out into the application of the airship for A.S.W. and A.E.W. uses, and a further investigation into the transport of mineral concentrates for an Australasian mining concern was completed

    Market assessment in connection with lighter than air

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    A review of the marketability of the airship is given, and the relative energy consumption and speed potential of the airship is compared to other modes and guidelines to areas of initial development are also provided, together with a brief historical review

    Radial Velocity Curves of Ellipsoidal Red Giant Binaries in the Large Magellanic Cloud

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    Ellipsoidal red giant binaries are close binary systems where an unseen, relatively close companion distorts the red giant, leading to light variations as the red giant moves around its orbit. These binaries are likely to be the immediate evolutionary precursors of close binary planetary nebula and post-asymptotic giant branch and post-red giant branch stars. Due to the MACHO and OGLE photometric monitoring projects, the light variability nature of these ellipsoidal variables has been well studied. However, due to the lack of radial velocity curves, the nature of their masses, separations, and other orbital details has so far remained largely unknown. In order to improve this situation, we have carried out spectral monitoring observations of a large sample of 80 ellipsoidal variables in the Large Magellanic Cloud and we have derived radial velocity curves. At least 12 radial velocity points with good quality were obtained for most of the ellipsoidal variables. The radial velocity data are provided with this paper. Combining the photometric and radial velocity data, we present some statistical results related to the binary properties of these ellipsoidal variables.Comment: 10 pages, 8 figures, 3 table

    Application of system theory to power processing problems

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    The work in power processing is reported. Input-output models, and Lie groups in control theory are discussed along with the methods of analysis for time invariant electrical networks
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