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    Analysis of katie’s fake life in Sophie Kinsella’s my not so perfect life

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    This study discusses Katie's fake life portrayed in Sophie Kinsella's My Not So Perfect Life. The purpose of this study is to analyze the fake life shown by Katie Brenner along with the cause and the way she found her true life back. There are three points discussed in this study; (1) How is Katie’s fake life portrayed in My Not So Perfect Life. (2) What causes Katie to create a fake life in My Not So Perfect Life. (3) How does Katie find her way back to her real-life in My Not So Perfect Life. This study using New Criticism to analyze the character and characterization of the main protagonist and psychological approach especially Alfred Adler’s individual psychology to analyze the reason why Katie fake her life.This study uses a descriptive qualitative approach to explore Katie’s fake life. This study reveals that Katie portrays her fake life by changing her personas such as her appearance, social media content, and work status. Then inferiority and her dreams to live in London are the cause she practices a fake life. The last is Katie found her real-life by not pretending to be another person, seeing the world and another person differently, and not faking her social media content