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    Italian fascism and the political mobilisation of working-class women 1937-43

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    AbstractThe Sezione Operaie e Lavoranti a Domicilio dei Fasci Femminili (Section of the Fascist Women's Groups for Female Workers and Outworkers) is the only one of the three Italian Fascist Party organisations for adult women that has never been studied. Founded in 1937 and recruiting factory workers, outworkers and domestic servants, it achieved a membership of almost a million by the fall of the regime in 1943. A top-down organisation, run by the largely middle-class Fasci Femminili, it offered its membership a mix of social, educational and professional opportunities. This article explores its activities, its organisational structure, the messages it attempted to convey to its membership and the reasons why such large numbers of women joined.</jats:p

    Gender Justice Nevada

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    Restricted trees: simplifying networks with bottlenecks

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    Suppose N is a phylogenetic network indicating a complicated relationship among individuals and taxa. Often of interest is a much simpler network, for example, a species tree T, that summarizes the most fundamental relationships. The meaning of a species tree is made more complicated by the recent discovery of the importance of hybridizations and lateral gene transfers. Hence it is desirable to describe uniform well-defined procedures that yield a tree given a network N. A useful tool toward this end is a connected surjective digraph (CSD) map f from N to N' where N' is generally a much simpler network than N. A set W of vertices in N is "restricted" if there is at most one vertex from which there is an arc into W, thus yielding a bottleneck in N. A CSD map f from N to N' is "restricted" if the inverse image of each vertex in N' is restricted in N. This paper describes a uniform procedure that, given a network N, yields a well-defined tree called the "restricted tree" of N. There is a restricted CSD map from N to the restricted tree. Many relationships in the tree can be proved to appear also in N.Comment: 17 pages, 2 figure

    A Play for San Jacinto Night

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    Active cavity radiometer, type III - An automatic, absolute standard, highly accurate detector

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    Instrument of simple construction operates without vacuum enclosure over wide pressure range and temperatures from 218 to 398 deg K and defines absolute radiometric scale to within less than 0.5 mW/sq cm. It has potential application to meteorology and climatology and operates on electrical substitution calorimeter principle

    Interference of the Snail Physa Sayii with Equilibrium in Tropisternus Glaber (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae)

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    [excerpt] On January 9, 1964, a larva of the hydrophilid beetle Tropister- nus,glaber (Herbst) was removed from an aquarium and placed in a fin- ger bowl of water along with a sprig of coontail (Ceratop7tyllum demer- sum Linnaeus). The plant provided support for the larva to reach the water\u27s surface. By accident rather than design it harbored the snail Physa sayii (Tappan), individuals of which were clinging to its leave
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