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    Bird Migration Through A Mountain Pass Studied With High Resolution Radar, Ceilometers, And Census

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    Autumnal migration was studied with high-resolution radar, ceilometer, and daily census in the area of Franconia Notch, a major pass in the northern Appalachian Mountains. Under synoptic conditions favorable for migration, broadfront movements of migrants toward the south passed over the mountains, often above a temperature inversion. Birds at lower elevations appeared to be influenced by local topography. Birds moving southwest were concentrated along the face of the mountain range. Birds appeared to deviate their flights to follow local topography through the pass. Specific migratory behavior was not associated with species or species groups. Under synoptic conditions unfavorable for southward migration, multimodal movements probably associated with local flights were as dense as the southward migrations described above. Avian migrants reacting to local terrain may result in concentrations of migrants over ridge summits or other topographic features

    I. European Court of Human Rights Al-Skeini and Others v. United Kingdom (Application no. 55721/07) Judgement of July 7 2011

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    States who sign the European Convention on Human Rights agree to ‘secure to everyone within their jurisdiction the rights and freedoms defined’ within the treaty (Article 1). For over fifty years the Strasbourg Bodies of the European Court and Commission of Human Rights have struggled to define the exact limitations of a State’s jurisdiction, particularly when such jurisdiction arises beyond a Contracting Party’s territorial borders. Within the past decade the European Court of Human Rights has been asked to consider the limits of jurisdiction under Article 1 on a number of occasions. Previously the Strasbourg Bodies had maintained a flexible approach in finding jurisdiction, but in the Banković decision of December 2001 the Court gave a restrictive interpretation of jurisdiction, defining it as ‘primarily territorial’. Since then the Court has oscillated between the restrictive Banković approach and its more expansive early jurisprudence, leading the Law Lords of the UK to state that the European Court’s jurisprudence on this issue does “not speak with one voice”. This piece critically comments upon July 2011 Al-Skeini and Others v United Kingdom decision where the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights had the opportunity to take a decisive stance on the understanding of jurisdiction under Article 1

    Explicit soliton-black hole correspondence for static configurations

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    We construct an explicit map that transforms static, generalized sine-Gordon metrics to black hole type metrics. This, in particular, provides for a further description of the Cadoni correspondence (which extends the Gegenberg-Kunstatter correspondence) of soliton solutions and extremal black hole solutions in 2D dilaton gravity.Comment: Submitted to Phys Rev D, 7 pages, no figure

    Racism on Every Side: Good Unionism Will Lead to Good Race Relations . . . Someday

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    [Excerpt] This is not a black union, white union, red, brown, or green. This is a union of workers who, over the past 50 years or so, have struggled to make life a little easier for future members of this great union. These workers have had to put up with the likes of the Chicago Board of Education, the City of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, and the Cook County Commissioners. And, we must be prepared to continue this struggle. As a black man, as a former union organizer in both the North and South, and now as a local President, I know about white racism. I know what to expect and I\u27m ready for it. But racism from every side — sometimes subtle, sometimes explicit — is more difficult to deal with. Sometimes you confront it directly, sometimes you have to ignore it. Sometimes you make a point and move on. Always, you agitate and organize