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    Determinan Kompetensi terhadap Kinerja Pegawai Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Wilayah Tangerang

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    Employees must have high performance, why? because serving the community must be with heart, how to be careful, and wholeheartedly. People don\u27t see shabby or grand buildings, they just want to be civilized. Performance of services in the tax office must be a priority, because of that capital awareness of the public to pay taxes. This study wanted to explore information about the performance of tax service employees in the Tangerang region. How is the role of individuals and organizations in creating services. Quantitative research is seen as more effective in terms of time. Therefore, regression analysis was chosen to analyze the data. Data obtained through a questionnaire. The findings show evidence, ability is a major factor in tax service. Knowledge, expertise and experience about taxes is a preference in service. Of course this is inseparable from many factors, among them Educational background, training, and experienc

    E-Consumer Behavior: The Roles of Attitudes, Risk Perception on Shopping Intention-Behavior

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    The objective of this research is to examine the roles of attitudes, the risk perception of intention and behavior online shopping, among students. The data were collected from the samples through a five-Likert scale questionnaire. The samples of adolescents who were still studying in Malang city were 500 persons, that taken using an accidental sampling technique. The data for building the purposed model was verified in terms of the completeness, the existence of outliers and the normal distribution. The Structure Equation Model was build supported by AMOS version 18. From the adequate data, a good structural model was built with the Goodness of Fit values: RMSEA=0,079; AGFI=0,857; GFI=0,891; CFI=0,910; TLI=0,892. The result showed that the attitudes towards online shops played positive and significant roles in promoting the online shopping intention and also risk perception but in a negative direction. The other finding was that online shopping behavior made by the adolescents was not based on their intention. The implication for improving the intention and behavior on the online store can be improved by building an interesting attitude of online stores attributes and minimize the consumer’s risks, such as the accuracy of time order delivery, the consumer private data protection

    Strategi Pengembangan Sektor Pertanian Dalam Upaya Menjaga Ketahanan Pangan Nasional

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    Agriculture is one of important sector in national economy,as nutrition provider and local food. Although agricultural sector plays significant role in national economy, it has not been optimized. It is Indicated by imported rice to fulfill the need of food. The rice fields which supported the nation's food do not show significant increase in food production. The growth of news sutlements and infrastructures contribute to the agriculture lands decrease. Concerning to the problem, a comprehensive strategy that is intensification, to control the growth of settlemens must be taken

    Optimization in Eugenol Production from Clove Oil with Saponification ‚Äď Neutralization Process by using Response Surface Methods

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    The objective of this research was to obtain optimum condition in eugenol production from clove oil with response surface methods. Clove oil was founded from essential oil cluster in Batang district Central Java. The eugenol was produced with saponification and neutralization process. Eugenol was obtained with vacuum distillation. Eugenol concentration was analyzed with gas chromatography. In this research, the variable was studied are temperature and ratio of sodium hydroxide to clove oil and yield of eugenol as response variable. So the results was obtain in minimum condition with yield of eugenol 39.17% at X 1 = -0,0109 and X 2 = 0.3095 with determinant coefficient 0.764


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    This article is designed to examine the role of the entrepreneurial spirit, education and in build­ing­ an attitude about working as an entrepreneur, and his influence on the intention to start a business, to the students. Data were collected using a questionnaire has been prepared and maintained the validity and relia­bility. Questionnaires given to the respondent students were selected as samples at several universi­ti­es in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. The collected data were analyzed by using Partial Least Square. The a­­na­­ly­sis showed entrepreneurial spirit and education contribute to the formation of entrepreneurial atti­tu­des. Attitudes are formed encourage entrepreneurship intentions to start a business significantly

    A Shift in The Meaning of Deer Head Sculpture in Javanese House Interior

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    Kejawen community of Java, syncretism from Java, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam possess many kinds decoration in their houses (Javanese houses). One of them is deer head sculpture. Even though it is an imported culture, the deer head sculpture can be easily accepted by the Javanese people because references regarding deer story have been found since the old time. Even though related to deer are quite common, there has not been any research on the shift in the meaning of deer in the context of Javanese culture. The method used in this study is qualitative research with the paradigm interpretation. The results of the analysis found that the deer head sculpture, which was originally a preserved and displayed ravin at home as a symbol of prestige, has a connection with Hindu culture, Majapahit culture, Mataram dynasty royal regalia, and Javanese (commonner) Javanese culture. In the context of today\u27s modern culture, deer head sculptures are displayed in today\u27s interiors to present a traditional atmosphere and for the sake of nostalgia Keywords meaning, deer head sculture, Javanese hous

    The Impact of Bad Experience, Disappointment, and Shopping Intensity on Digital Shoppers’ Anxiety

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    This article aims to examine the effect of buyer bad experience in online shopping, and the disappointment that has been experienced with the anxiety of consumers who buy goods through the online store platform. The study used a quantitative survey to a sample of 100 respondents selected by convenience in Indonesia. Data were collected using a questionnaire via Google Form, and then analyzed using Partial Least Square (PLS) assisted by Smart-PLS software. The analysis shows that bad experiences and disappointments felt by buyers have an impact on their anxiety. Poor packing, long arrival time, the quality of ordered goods which does not match the expectation as promised by the online seller, damage to goods when it arrives, and the mistakes in the number of goods had a significant effect on their anxiety level. The more often bad experiences experienced by buyers and the more often experienced disappointed in shopping online has the potential to drive the higher level of buyer anxiety
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