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    Precision Measurements of the Top Quark Mass at the Tevatron

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    We report precision measurements of the top quark mass using events collected by the D{\O}and CDF II detectors from ppˉp\bar{p} collisions at s=1.96\sqrt s = 1.96 TeV at the Fermilab Tevatron. Measurements are presented in multiple decay channels. In addition, we present a combination of the most precise measurements in each channel to date: Mtop=172.5±1.3stat±1.9systGeV/c2 M_{top} = 172.5 \pm 1.3_{stat} \pm 1.9_{syst} {\textrm GeV}/c^2 Precision Measurements of the Top Quark Mass at the TevatronComment: 4 pages, 7 figure

    Mono-everything: combined limits on dark matter production at colliders from multiple final states

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    Searches for dark matter production at particle colliders are complementary to direct-detection and indirect-detection experiments, and especially powerful for small masses, mχ<100m_\chi<100 GeV. An important collider dark matter signature is due to the production of a pair of these invisible particles with the initial-state radiation of a standard model particle. Currently, collider searches use individual and nearly orthogonal final states to search for initial-state jets, photons or massive gauge bosons. We combine these results across final states and across experiments to give the strongest current collider-based limits in the context of effective field theories, and map these to limits on dark matter interactions with nuclei and to dark matter self-annhiliation