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    Putting Uniformity in Financial Accounting Into Perspective

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    Thermal Green Functions in Coordinate Space for Massless Particles of any Spin

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    The thermal Wightman functions for free, massless particles of spin 0, 1/2, 1, 3/2, and 2 are computed directly in coordinate space by solving the appropriate differential equation and imposing the Kubo-Martin-Schwinger condition. The solutions are valid for real, imaginary, or complex time. The Wightman functions for spin 1 gauge bosons and for spin 2 gravitons are directly related to the fundamental functions for spin 0. The Wightman functions for spin 3/2 gravitinos is directly related to that for spin 1/2 fermions. Calculations for spin 1, 3/2, and 2 are done in covariant gauges. In the deep space-like region the Wightman functions for bosons fall like T/rT/r whereas those for the fermions fall exponentially. In the deep time-like region all the Wightman functions fall exponentially.Comment: 8 pages, RevTex twocolum

    From modern workplaces to modern families – re-envisioning the work–family conflict

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    The Modern Workplaces Consultation 2011 set the foundations for the current revisions to work–family rights in the UK. They are underpinned by a desire to make modern workplaces more flexible and responsive to the needs of working families. The Children and Families Act 2014 implements, in part, the consultation’s proposals, but falls far short of its most significant recommendations. Nevertheless, it does extend access to work–family rights to some alternative working family models. The analysis undertaken here, however, indicates that this is limited to families that most closely conform to the dual-partnered working family model. Drawing from Fineman, Herring and McGlynn’s references to relationships of care, it is argued that instead of re-branding current rights the government should re-envision the concept of the family and family care. It is only through renegotiating the categories of caregiving recognised in law that the needs of modern working families will genuinely be met

    Photon Radiation in a Heat Bath

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    We discuss the bremsstrahlung of photons into a heat bath, and calculate from first principles the energy radiated. Even to lowest order the spectrum of the radiation at low frequency is no more singular than at zero temperature. In addition to the obvious contributions, this spectrum includes terms associated with fluctuations. [Revised version has additional explanations]Comment: 7 pages, plus 2 figures in pictex DAMTP 94/

    Propagation of Majorana fermions in hot plasma

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    The properties of Majorana fermions in hot plasma are studied. One-loop resummed propagator, dispersion relations and their interpretation are discussed. It is shown that particle and hole -like solutions appear as in Dirac/chiral fermion case. The dispersion relations are, however, crucially different. We find that, in presence of a large zero temperature bare mass, hole -like excitations posses a negligible effective mass. As an example of real application, we consider the neutralinos in the minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model and argue that for realistic values of the soft supersymmetry breaking masses the existence of practically massless hole -like excitations have a considerable effect on the thermal properties, e.g. the thermalization rate, of particles interacting with these Majorana excitations.Comment: 9 pages + 2 figsures, LaTe
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