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    Good Management Practices for the State Highway Department

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    Neutrino Oscillations form Cosmic Sources: a Nu Window to Cosmology

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    In this essay we extend the standard discussion of neutrino oscillations to astrophysical neutrinos propagating through expanding space. This extension introduces a new cosmological parameter II into the oscillation phase. The new parameter records cosmic history in much the same manner as the redshift z or the apparent luminosity D_L. Measuring II through neutrino oscillations could help determine cosmological parameters and discriminate among different cosmologies.Comment: We (the authors) occasionally get requests for this 5 page essay from 1997, so on the arXiv it goe

    Closing the stop gap

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    Light stops are a hallmark of the most natural realizations of weak-scale supersymmetry. While stops have been extensively searched for, there remain open gaps around and below the top mass, due to similarities of stop and top signals with current statistics. We propose a new fast-track avenue to improve light stop searches for R-parity conserving supersymmetry, by comparing top cross section measurements to the theoretical prediction. Stop masses below ~ 180 GeV can now be ruled out for a light neutralino. The possibility of a stop signal contaminating the top mass measurement is also briefly addressed.Comment: 6 pages, 6 figure
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