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    Impartial Evaluations of the Printing Quality of Paper

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    Several methods for the evaluation of paper have been investigated for their desirability as means of an impartial evaluation of the printing quality of paper. The halftone plate method showed the most desired results as an impartial evaluation of both coated and uncoated papers. The printing gage was not found to be a satisfactory method of evaluation. The drawdown method is especially significant in evaluating properties which influence the printing quality but lacks a suitable numerical evaluation

    USDA Forest Service mobile satellite communications applications

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    The airborne IR signal processing system being developed will require the use of mobile satellite communications to achieve its full capability and improvement in delivery timeliness of processed IR data to the Fire Staff. There are numerous other beneficial uses, both during wildland fire management operations or in daily routine tasks, which will also benefit from the availability of reliable communications from remote areas

    Use of extendible boom devices for space shuttle and EVA operations

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    Extended boom devices for orbital maintenance and safety of space shuttl

    Use of Linear Perspective Scene Cues in a Simulated Height Regulation Task

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    As part of a long-term effort to quantify the effects of visual scene cuing and non-visual motion cuing in flight simulators, an experimental study of the pilot's use of linear perspective cues in a simulated height-regulation task was conducted. Six test subjects performed a fixed-base tracking task with a visual display consisting of a simulated horizon and a perspective view of a straight, infinitely-long roadway of constant width. Experimental parameters were (1) the central angle formed by the roadway perspective and (2) the display gain. The subject controlled only the pitch/height axis; airspeed, bank angle, and lateral track were fixed in the simulation. The average RMS height error score for the least effective display configuration was about 25% greater than the score for the most effective configuration. Overall, larger and more highly significant effects were observed for the pitch and control scores. Model analysis was performed with the optimal control pilot model to characterize the pilot's use of visual scene cues, with the goal of obtaining a consistent set of independent model parameters to account for display effects

    Complex symmetric partial isometries

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    An operator T \in B(\h) is complex symmetric if there exists a conjugate-linear, isometric involution C:\h\to\h so that T=CT∗CT = CT^*C. We provide a concrete description of all complex symmetric partial isometries. In particular, we prove that any partial isometry on a Hilbert space of dimension ≤4\leq 4 is complex symmetric.Comment: 9 page
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