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    Irish consumers' perception of Chinese brands and how to improve the "Made in China" image

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    The Chinese government launched the ‚Äúgoing abroad‚ÄĚ policy in 2001 to encourage Chinese companies to invest and create Chinese brands in international markets. However, the perceptions of Chinese brands among Western consumers have been shown to be consistently low, especially amongst European consumers. This research aims to investigate the Irish consumers‚Äô perception of Chinese brands and how to improve the ‚ÄúMade in China‚ÄĚ image. This paper also investigates consumers‚Äô perceptions and attitudes when making purchase decisions for Chinese brands based on gender, age, and nationality. The paper provides important recommendations for Chinese companies who plan to enter the European, and more particularly, the Irish market

    Zero Touch Coordinated UAV Network Formation for 360{\deg} Views of a Moving Ground Target in Remote VR Applications

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    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with on-board cameras are widely used for remote surveillance and video capturing applications. In remote virtual reality (VR) applications, multiple UAVs can be used to capture different partially overlapping angles of the ground target, which can be stitched together to provide 360{\deg} views. This requires coordinated formation of UAVs that is adaptive to movements of the ground target. In this paper, we propose a joint UAV formation and tracking framework to capture 360{\deg} angles of the target. The proposed framework uses a zero touch approach for automated and adaptive reconfiguration of multiple UAVs in a coordinated manner without the need for human intervention. This is suited to both military and civilian applications. Simulation results demonstrate the convergence and configuration of the UAVs with arbitrary initial locations and orientations. The performance has been tested for various number of UAVs and different mobility patterns of the ground target

    Analysis of Renewable Energy Research Hotspots and Trends Based on Bibliometric and Patent Survey

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    In recent years, renewable energy has taken on an increasingly important role as a result of the depletion of traditional fossil fuels and the pressure of climate change. Due to the advantages of clean energy production and wide availability, research on renewable energy has increased worldwide. We collected data from the Web of Science and the Derwent Innovations Index to analyze research trends in the field of renewable energy. It was found that the number of research achievements in this field has developed rapidly worldwide since 2005. The United States ranks first in the quantity and quality of literature and fourth in the number of authorized patents. China ranks second and first regarding the quantity of literature and authorized patents, respectively. Biomass energy, wind energy, and solar energy are trending research topics in various stages of development. China has maintained close cooperation with the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries
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