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    Thermal Entanglement in Ferrimagnetic Chains

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    A formula to evaluate the entanglement in an one-dimensional ferrimagnetic system is derived. Based on the formula, we find that the thermal entanglement in a small size spin-1/2 and spin-s ferrimagnetic chain is rather robust against temperature, and the threshold temperature may be arbitrarily high when s is sufficiently large. This intriguing result answers unambiguously a fundamental question: ``can entanglement and quantum behavior in physical systems survive at arbitrary high temperatures?"Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure

    Docking positrophilic electrons into molecular attractive potential of fluorinated methanes

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    The present study shows that the positrophilic electrons of a molecule dock into the positron attractive potential region in the annihilation process under the plane-wave approximation. The positron-electron annihilation processes of both polar and non-polar fluorinated methanes (CH4-nFn, n=0, 1,..., 4) are studied under this role. The predicted gamma-ray spectra of these fluorinated methanes agree well with the experiments. It further indicates that the positrophilic electrons of a molecule docking at the negative end of a bond dipole are independent from the molecular dipole moment in the annihilation process.Comment: 11 pages, 5 figure

    Pairwise entanglement in symmetric multi-qubit systems

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    The concurrence, a quantitative measure of the entanglement between a pair of particles, is determined for the case where the pair is extracted from a symmetric state of N two-level systems. Examples are given for both pure and mixed states of the N-particle system, and for a pair extracted from two ensembles with correlated collective spins.Comment: 7 pages, 3 figure
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