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    While organic farming has been identified as an effective way to improve food safety and environment quality, the adoption of organic production and processing is highly determined by the market demand for organic food products. To assess the market potential for organic apples and milk, a conjoint analysis is conducted in the state of Vermont to examine consumer evaluation of major product attributes and their tradeoffs. Results suggest that there is likely a significant niche market for organic apples and milk and many consumers, especially people who have purchased organic food products, are willing to pay more for organic apples and milk produced locally and certified by NOFA.Environmental Economics and Policy, Food Consumption/Nutrition/Food Safety,

    Ternary Inorganic Electrides with Mixed Bonding

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    A high-throughput screening based on first-principles calculations was performed to search for new ternary inorganic electrides. From the available materials database, we identified three new thermodynamically stable materials (Li12Mg3Si4, NaBa2O, and Ca5Ga2N4) as potential electrides made by main group elements, in addition to the well known mayenite based electride (C12A7:e−). Different from those conventional inorganic electrides in which the excess electrons play only the role of anions, the three new materials, resembling the electrides found in simple metals under high pressure, possess mixed ionic and metallic bonding. The interplay between two competing mechanisms, together with the different crystal packing motifs, gives rise to a variety of geometries in anionic electrons and rich physical phenomena such as ferromagnetism, superconductivity, and metal-insulator transition. Our finding here bridges the gap between electrides found at ambient and high-pressure conditions